What are the benefits of this system?

With the increase in the number of faculty at Middlebury, the number of reappointment, promotion, and contract reviews has increased as well. Collecting every piece of paper required for a review is an intensive and time consuming process. Even the process of collecting materials for annual salary reviews has impacted staff time, as well as administrative time. Our major goal was to streamline these processes.

Other benefits:

  • Faculty data is entered once into a central place;
  • Import and consolidate data from multiple sources;
  • Make reporting for Reaccreditation easier;
  • Provide support for grant writing and applications;
  • Support decision-making at the administrative level;
  • Showcase faculty accomplishments on our website;
  • Facilitate collaboration, networking, and outreach; and
  • Save internal IT and other resources.

We believe that as the system is integrated into our processes, we will find other ways to use it.

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