Application for leave

Application for academic leave for 2015-16.  Fields with an asterisk are mandatory.  Be sure to click 'submit' once you have completed the form.

Deadline for submission: August 1, 2014.

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Enter brief title and non-technical summary of your project

This section should include the questions to be addressed, the methods to be used, the relation of the project to work that you and others have done, the significance of the project, and a short bibliography (no more than ten entries maximum) of publications relevant to the project.

This section should include the relation of the project to your long-range professional development plans, the names of individuals with whom you will work and their special qualifications; special facilities (archives, collections, equipment, etc.) that you need and that are available where you propose to work; any other relevant points (ability to read and/or speak foreign languages needed for projects, etc.).

This section should include a list of prospective granting agencies to which you will apply for support of your leave activities, the deadlines by which you will submit your applications, the expected date of notification by the granting agencies, and the amount of funding to be sought from outside sources. You should consult Franci Farnsworth in preparing this section.

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