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Community Connections

To be in balance with our community means recognizing the interdependence between ourselves, our environment, and others in our community.  If we are actively involved in all aspects of our community, we will live more justly, sustainably, and healthily (UC-Berkeley).

Environmental Sustainability

Middlebury College Sustainability Programs
At Middlebury, sustainability is an integral part of how we teach, work, play, and interact with our community. We have set milestones for carbon neutrality and renewable energy, for greening athletics, and for increasing local foods in our dining halls.

Public Transportation
Middlebury College supports many transportation options including the popular Snow Bowl shuttle bus, buses to major cities during college breaks, Zipcars, and creative programs such as the student run bike shop.  In addition, there are informal faculty and staff carpool networks and the College's Environmental Council is exploring bringing the rideshare network ZimRide to campus.

Middlebury College Organic Garden
The Middlebury College Organic Garden (MCOG) is a student organization that maintains a 3-acre plot of fruits and vegetables. The produce we grow reflects a balance between efficient, profitable crops and more labor intensive, less productive crops grown for educational purposes.  They welcome community involvement through offering garden tours, encouraging volunteer harvesters, and running a farmstand and CSA (community supported agriculture) program.

Middlebury Farmer's Market
A thriving local market offering local vegetables, foods, and crafts year-round.

Addison County Local Farmers Directory
Middlebury College's rural setting provides you with ample opportunities to purchase from and support local farmers.

Addison County Relocalization Network
A local organization whose mission is to revitalize our local economy to help our communities provide sustainable sources of food, water, energy, employment and other essential resources, and to promote conservation and a healthy environment.

Cultural and Community Awareness

Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE)
The CCSRE draws on Middlebury College's expertise in international studies, environmental studies, and language and communication to support critical inquiry on race, ethnicity and diversity.

Gay and Lesbian Employees at Middlebury (GLEAM) is an informal social and resource group for faculty and staff employees of Middlebury College. GLEAM's mission is to promote understanding and acceptance of all LGBTQ members of the Middlebury Community.

Middlebury College Arts
The visual and performing arts are fundamentally important to the life and culture of our College. The college's support of the Performing Arts Series allows us to enhance Middlebury's curriculum and ignite cultural and creative exploration by facilitating intimate connections with visiting artists and scholars for both the campus and community.

Center for Careers & Internships (CCI)
One of the many services of Middlebury's EIA is to offer students a wide array of community volunteer opportunities which provides a perfect starting point for faculty and staff interested in volunteering as well.

Community Engagement
Faculty interested in community-connected teaching, learning, and research will find Community Engagement (behind Davis Library, along with PCI and CSE), a resource for funding, potential community partners, and strategies for success.  Additionally, Community Engagement staff can help provide connections to area organizations for those interested in social justice and/or volunteer pursuits.

Privilege & Poverty
Privilege & Poverty at Middlebury is a curricular initiative that brings together faculty, students, and staff interested in studying economic inequality—its causes, its effects on human communities and the environment, and even the language with which we talk about the “privileged” and the “poor.” P&P invites issue-based learning in a dynamic and interdisciplinary format that combines the resources from many traditional departments and programs with “real world” internships and experiences in agencies working to alleviate poverty.

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