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Career Flexibility

A career ideal is to have your work bring you personal satisfaction and enrichment.  Enrichment is enabled by programs that support exploring new avenues and venues for your work.  Personal satisfaction and fulfillment come not only from the successful application of your unique skills in the workplace, but also from balancing the career component of your life with all its other dimensions.

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Programs for Faculty

Faculty Professional Development Fund (FPDF)
This fund supports a wide variety of faculty activities, including research expenses, travel to research sites, professional conferences and workshops, pedagogical and course development, additional training, and purchase of materials needed for teaching and research.  

Additional Funding for Faculty Research and Development
In addition to the FPDF fund, additional career flexibility options come in the form of grants that faculty can apply for to support faculty research, course development, or other needs.

Faculty Research Assistant Fund
Administered by the Dean of the Faculty, this fund provides wages for student assistants for faculty scholarship or course development. Funds are allocated to Departments and Programs, for up to 12 hours per week to work with several faculty members (deadline is late September - click here for the application form).

Associate Status
Appointment with associate status is designed to allow particular individuals to reduce their teaching responsibilities at the College for limited periods without interrupting their normal employment. The reasons for requesting associate status may include, for example, the need to fulfill familial obligations, the wish to engage more fully in scholarly or artistic projects, or other forms of professional development, or the wish to reduce one's teaching obligations for a few years before retirement.

One dynamic vehicle for enhancing faculty career flexibility is the vision of OneMiddlebury. Middlebury’s increasingly elaborate structure with its constellation of programs and affiliated entities (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Middlebury Language Schools, Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad, and Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English) offers a new set of opportunities for the undergraduate faculty. 6 out of 8 faculty proposals submitted in November 2010 were funded, and a second call for proposals is forthcoming.  Contact the Dean of Faculty's office for more information.

Research Leave / Sabbatical Program
Leaves of absence are granted to enhance the scholarly and teaching capacity of the individual faculty member and to promote the general interest of the College.

Faculty Leaves of Absence
This policy covers all nonacademic leaves of absence including medical, parental, and family related issues as noted.

Teaching Loads
Our 2006 Strategic Plan calls for a reduction of the teaching load of the faculty. Our teaching expectations, adopted in 2011, are available on the Educational Affairs Committee website.

Timing of Tenure and Full Professor Review
Middlebury has a flexible program for extending the tenure clock for junior faculty who take parental leave.  We also offer more choice to untenured faculty who desire early tenure reviews and to associate professors facing full-professor reviews.

Programs for Staff

Continuing Education Fund
This fund is available for staff who are interested in continuing their personal and/or professional development. Through this fund, Middlebury College provides support to eligible staff who wish to enroll in a degree-granting or certificate-granting program, or who wish to enroll in a credit-bearing course or class from an accredited program or institution.

Staff Development Fund
This fund is available to help support job-related training that is required for the job or that is directly related to enhancing job skills and professional development.

Additional Staff Development Opportunities
The 2006 Strategic Plan endorsed the following recommendations that speak to enhancing staff educational opportunities. Staff as well as faculty can model for our students the benefits of lifelong learning and intellectual growth.

Enhance educational opportunities for staff.
Support staff matriculation at Middlebury College.
Increase professional development opportunities for staff.
Create a staff professional development leave program.
Encourage staff participation in intellectual community.
Strengthen supervisory training programs.

Staff Parental Leave
Benefits-eligible employees with one year of service as a benefits eligible employee are eligible for up to six weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child.

Family & Medical Leave
This policy is designed to offer assistance by providing job-protected leave to eligible employees for certain family and medical reasons. The leave may be unpaid, paid, or a combination of unpaid and paid depending on the circumstances as specified in this policy

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