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Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing

Spiritual wellness acknowledges our search for deeper meaning in life and is reflected when our actions become more consistent with our beliefs and values.  Emotional wellness is a measure of our happiness and satisfaction with ourselves and our lives.  Achieving emotional wellness includes realistic self-assessment and an ability to cope effectively with stress (UC-Berkeley Living Well).

College Programs

The Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life
The Scott Center consists of educators, pastors, worship leaders, and advocates that help create a campus atmosphere that is open to religious faith and practice, and encourages moral reflection and spiritual development.  They also provide pastoral care and counseling to members of the campus community.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
The College's Employee and Family Assistance Plan provides confidential counseling and referral services to reduce stress and improve the quality of life for employees.  The EFAP provides confidential assessment and referral services, and short-term counseling to help you and your household members work through life's challenges.

Meditation Classes
Chessy Kelley, who leads a series of faculty and staff meditation classes, has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism since she was 18.  She enjoys leading meditation for people of all ages and faiths to help bring about inner peace and well-being. As The 14th Dalai Lama says, meditation is essential to developing peace of mind and a good heart.

Yoga Classes
To be truly healthy, we must take care of our body, mind, and heart. A great yoga class should leave you feeling cleansed and energized, clear-headed, warm-hearted, and very relaxed.  Local instructors Joanna Colwell and James Papiano offer a series of classes for faculty and staff on campus.

Wellness Committee
This committee of faculty, staff, and students was formed to promote awareness and discussion about ways in which members of the Middlebury community can mitigate and manage the stresses that students, faculty, and staff experience.  Our goals include an examination of the structural elements of campus living and learning that contribute to stress, what we might do to change these elements, and how we can encourage effective, healthy, personal stress management discussion, education and awareness about this topic on campus by developing an educational program that is academic and evidence-based in nature.  Our goal is to encourage personal growth/awareness skills in conjunction with the academically-focused educational opportunities.  Please contact Ellen McKay,, for more information.

Community Resources

Counseling Services of Addison County
The Counseling Service of Addison County is a nonprofit agency offering a wide variety of professional mental health and developmental services to the people of Addison County in Vermont.

Local Congregations and Faith Communities
Religious life and worship services on campus are complemented and enriched with the availability of over twenty faith communities with regular services in surrounding Addison County.

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