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Activating Your College Email Account

First Accessing Your Email Account

Activate your Middlebury email account and set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) 

As soon as your employment record is activated, you will receive a Middlebury account activation email with setup instructions. After you set up your Middlebury account, you can visit to check your email. You will be prompted to set up MFA before your email can be viewed. Refer to our MFA setup guide at for details. If you need help, please contact the Technology Helpdesk at 802-442-2200.

Contacting Students

All courses at Middlebury have an email address that will distribute
any email sent from that address to all the participants in a course. 
Once you have activated your email account:

  • Open webmail from the Middlebury College webpage;
  • Open a new message and click on the “To” field to open
    the Address Book;
  • Type your course number (e.g., amst1002 – no spaces),
    and press return. This should bring up your class email
  • Be sure the email address has “w18-students” after it to
    ensure that you are sending the email to the Winter Term
    class of 2018 (e.g., amst-1002a-w18-students). If you
    taught this course previously, there may still be an old
    email list in the address book.

If you encounter difficulties during this process, please contact our Help Desk at x2200

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