Arabic Department Student Advisory Committee

The current Student Advisory Council (SAC) for the Arabic Department is:


Rose Adams '18

Ivey Noojin '20 , Chair

Ivey Noojin is a current sophomore with a double major in Arabic and Spanish. She began her Arabic studies at Middlebury and went to language school the summer of her freshman year. To continue her language acquisition, she plans on studying abroad in Jordan for one semester of her junior year. When she is not advancing her proficiency in Arabic, she is a residential advisor, a tour guide, and a contributor to multiple sexual violence organizations on and off campus. She is looking forward to using her position on the Student Advisory Committee to make an impact within the Arabic department. 

The primary functions of the Arabic SAC are to:

• Advise the Arabic Chair and Faculty regarding new faculty appointments.
• Advise the Arabic Chair and Faculty regarding external reviews of the Department.
• Give Arabic majors a voice in their department regarding any student concerns that arise.
• Serve as a resource for current and prospective majors.

See the Handbook language for a more detailed description.

Department of Arabic

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