The Arabic House is where Arabic students can live to improve their language skills.

Arabic House exterior
The Arabic House is located at 91 Franklin Street in Middlebury, right near campus.

Living at the house entails signing a language pledge similar to that of Middlebury’s summer Language School. This pledge obliges the student to speak only Arabic while in the house. The house is a place where students of Arabic can come together with the resident native-speaking teaching assistant. It is a learning center not only for the residents but also for the rest of the Arabic students who drop in on occasion to practice their language skills and get help with homework. The house features a kitchen and a common room.

Students and residents gather for a meal at the Arabic House.
Students and residents gather for a meal at the Arabic House.


Throughout the year we host events that bring people together to celebrate the Arabic language and culture. Movie screenings, cooking classes, and much more happen weekly at the Arabic House.

Henna night with the Muslim Student Association.
Henna night with Muslim Student Association.


If you are interested in applying to live in the Arabic House, please email your application to Prof. Liebhaber.

Arabic House application

If you would like more general information on residing in an interest house, please see Residential Life’s housing overview.


Prof. Samuel Liebhaber
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