Senior work by Arabic majors 

Spring 2023

  • Willie Thacker: “An Ethnography of the Jordanian Dive Industry”

  • Katie Wilmore 

Spring 2022

  • Sofia Leathers: “Conjuring Up Legitimacy: The Nabatean Agriculture in Translation”
  • Max Shulman-Litwin: “An Analysis of the Judeo-Arabic Dialect of Baghdad”
  • Leah Smith: “qT3: An App for the Algorithmic Deduction of Arabic Verbs”—-  joint major with Computer Science
  • Aidan Wertz: “Issues of Translation in Two Arabic Short Stories”
  • Andrew Willis: “On Issues of Translation in the Poetry of Marwan Makhoul”

Spring 2021

  • Hannah Abdelaal: “Sentiment Analysis of Egyptian Dialectical Arabic”—- joint major with Computer Science
  • Kamli Faour: “Diaspora and Disparity: Arab American Health Care Conditions and Concerns”

Winter 2021

  • Sam Naumann: “Tribalism in Jordan: An Investigation into Tribal Mediation”

Spring 2020

  • Cara Levine: “Lucid Exile: Post-Memory and the Works of Mona Hatoum and Mette Loulou von Kohl”
  • Ellise Johnson: “Metaphor, Perspective and Identity: A Look at the Poetry of Yamen Hussein in Translation”
  • Shams Mohajerani: “Auteurship, Revolution, and the Palestinian Identity: An Analysis of Elia Suleiman’s ‘Palestine Trilogy’ through the Lens of Third Cinema
  • Mari Odoy: “A Woman in the Crossfire, A Novelist in Translation: the “memoirization” and translation of Syrian novelist Samar Yazbek into English”

Winter 2019

  • Rose Adams

Fall 2017

  • Lorenzo Greenbaum: “The Constituents of Language Identity in Rabat”

Spring 2017

  • Katherine Preston: “Representation of Homeland in Contemporary Palestinian Literature”

Spring 2016

  • Freshta Basij-Rasikh
  • Will Brennan-Arffmann
  • Aleck Silva-Pinto
  • Parker Ziegler

Spring 2014

  • Cailey Cron
  • Katharine Meeker
  • Linnea Meyer
  • Alexandra Vallarta

Spring 2013

  • Tyler Brelje

Spring 2012

  • David Hamberlin
  • Paul Rosenfeld
  • Daniel Vikum

Winter 2012

  • Galen Anderson

Senior work in International and Global Studies and Comparative Literature co-advised by Arabic faculty 

Spring 2021

  • Matthew Hartry Martingnoni (IGS): “Quotidian at the Precipice: Surveillance Technologies, Carcerality and (In)visibilization in Latent Regulatory Gay-Tech Meccas”
  • Jeremy Navarro (CMLT): “Theory of Invisibility in Latin and Arabic”

Spring 2020 

  • Jack Carew (CMLT): “Biopolitics in the Age of Pandemic: Reading a Cultural Competency into Koolaids and Loco Afán
  • Evan Mercer (CMLT): “Musical Memory: Nass el-Ghiwane and their Impact on Moroccan Culture and Identity”
  • Will O’Neal (CMLT): “What’s in a Home? Conceptions of Dwelling in the Poetry of Mahmoud Darwish and Robert Frost”

Winter 2017

  • Oakley Haight (IGS): “Fictions of Human Rights: Power, Intervention, and Universality in Arab Novels”

Spring 2016

  • Ellen Bevier (IGS): “Tweeting the Revolution: Social Media and the Syrian Conflict”