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Stephen Trombulak

Professor Emeritus of Biology & Biosphere Studies


I am a conservation biologist and landscape ecologist, with particular interests in (a) the field biology of mammals, birds, and beetles, (b) the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to develop science-based conservation planning tools, and (c) natural history education.

I teach in both the Biology Department and the Program in Environmental Studies, where my primary teaching focus is on environmental science, vertebrate natural history, and conservation biology. My emphasis in the classroom is on hand-on engagement with real techniques and skills used by professionals in the discipline, whether it is mist-netting birds, trapping small mammals, or developing computer models to assess the population viability of an endangered species.

I currently run two primary research programs—one on forest-dwelling beetles and one on landscape-level wildlife connectivity in the Northern Appalachians—but I regularly direct student independent study and thesis research on a wide range of topics. My philosophy is that if it interests you and I can provide professional advice, I’m happy to help you work on it. Recent projects carried out by undergraduates in my lab include studies of population genetics in sea lamprey, secondary stress responses in thresher sharks, and the relationship between landscape transformation and species endangerment.


Department of Biology

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