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SEMINARS for 2018-19:

Fri. Sept. 28, 2018

Life in Groups: the neurochemistry of sociality

Dr. Annaleise Beery
Smith College
12:30pm | MBH 220


Oct. 25 & 26, 2018 (Thurs-Friday)

Saul Seminars:

Dr. Scott Taylor, University of Colorado, Boulder

10/25 at 4:30pm:  Public Lecture: Ecological and evolutionary insights from backyard birds

10/26 at 12:30pm:   Science Talk: A bird’s eye view of the origin and maintenance of biodiversity


Fri, Nov. 2, 2018:

Dr. Scott Tighe, University of Vermont Advanced Genomics Core

"Metagenomic Profiling in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica"

12:30pm, MBH 220 (lunch provided)


11/8, 12:30pm  (Thursday) ES Colloquium, co-sponsored by the Biology Department:

Scott Weidensaul, Writer and Researcher:  “Living on the Wind: The World of Migratory Birds”

11/28 (Wed, at 12:30pm):   Neuroscience / Film Media co-sponsored talk by Midd Alum Sonia Epstein



11/29, 12:30pm (Thursday): ES Colloquium, co-sponsored by the Biology Department:

Dr. Indy Burke, Carl W. Knobloch, Jr, Dean, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Professor of Ecosystem Science

“Ecosystem management, resilience and resistance. When are our mistakes reversible and how do we avoid making them?”

Friday, Dec. 7, 12:30pm | MBH 220:

Biology Thesis Presentation by Maise Anrod, '19

"Expanding the Pollination Neighborhood: a study of pollination ecology for conservation"

(lunch provided)

Thursday, February 21:
7:00 p.m. Wilson Hall, McCullough Student Center
Dr. Jack Gilbert, 
UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dept of ediatrics, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Human and Environmental Microbial Health: A Global Perspective

 (Sponsored by the Office of the President, the Biology Department, and Atwater Commons)

Friday, March 1: - Craig Dahlgren, Perry Institute for Marine Science 12:30pm, MBH 220 (w/lunch)

"Conservation of Coral Reefs in the Caribbean: present conditions and future prospects"

Spring Symposium

Friday April 12th!

April 18-19:  Connect with Midd Alums at 
the Biology Field Guide

Five Middlebury graduates who majored in Biology will return to campus for the Biology Field Guide.

  Click go/biofieldguide for details!

Biology Class of '88 Lectures
Dr. Holger A. Russ, 
Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, University of Colorado,
Anschutz Medical Campus 

4/25 - 4:30pm-MBH216, general lecture:  
"Cutting Genes with Cutting edge Technology: CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering in research, medicine, and daily life"  

4/26 -12:30pm-MBH220, science talk:
"Generation of functional pancreatic beta cells from 
human pluripotent stem cells"


5/2 - Steve Trombulak,

Prof. of Biology & Environmental Studies
4:30pm, MBH 216

"Conservation Biology: the next 33 years"


12:30pm, MBH 220
May 6: Stacy Goins, MBBC
May 8:  Kevin Zhang, MBBC
& Gabriela Fort, MBBC


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