2018-2019 Seminar Series


Sept. 20   Prof. Siddhartha Roy, PhD, VA Tech
12:30PM Hilcrest 103

Clifford Symposium: “The Flint Water Crisis: The Promises and Perils of Practicing Science for the Public Good”

Oct. 1  Prof. Justin Bogart '10, PhD, Fairleigh Dickinson
12:30PM MBH 216

“Using Ligand Design to Control the Chemical Properties of Metal Ions in Molecular Systems”

Nov. 2  Prof. Charles Jakobsche, PhD, Clark
12:30PM MBH 216

“From Organic Synthesis to Chemical Biology”

Nov. 30  Prof. Danielle Dube, PhD, Bowdoin
1:45PM MBH 216

"Chemical tools to discovery and target glycoproteins on pathogenic bacteria."

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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