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To install ChemDraw Professional software: click here.

ChemDrawPro-18/ChemOffice 2018

PerkinElmer has a new 'download/registration' site for ChemDrawPro/ChemOffice
Go here:

Locate the "M" school section and find the Middlebury College downloads.  Click on the M in the letter listing - or just scroll down until you reach Middlebury College.
Then click on the 2nd Middlebury College link for "ChemOffice Or ChemDraw 18.0 and 17.X".

NOTE (important) : you'll want to download version 18.
Earlier versions won't work -- so go with the version 18 download and follow the instructions (click on image below):

This will bring you to the new PerkinElmer registration portal where you can enter your data and get your new software and associated codes.  You will get an e-mail which will guide you through the 2nd 1/2 of the process.

Download your software from the "Download" section of the webpage (click on image below):

Select the related software items you would like to download (click image below):

Go to the 'Order History" section and get your ActivationCode (click on image below):

Once you click on your 'Order Number' link you will be presented with your 'ActivationCode' (click on image below):


Find your downloaded files and run the ChemDrawPro/ChemOffice installer application (Windows users might have to right-click & select “run as administrator”).

Install the software & enter your installation activation-code information (e-mail address & activation-code).  This will complete installation & activation of the software.

If you run into any troubles with the install process:

The suggestions from the vendor if you run into troubles with installing or downloading:

We suggest you to download again after deleting the cookies of browser & removing the temporary files.
If still having troubles, email them for support:
America Tel 1 800 315-7300

Reactivation Instructions:

When your software is due for renewal, a message like this is sent by the vendor to your Middlebury College email address, which was used for the initial installation.

I. If you are using ChemBioDraw Ultra 15.0 on a PC:
You need to reactivate with your existing serial number. Reactivating will extend your current software's license until Sunday, November 09, 2015.
1. To reactivate, launch the ChemDraw application and click 'Activate' on the 'Help' menu then put in your serial number (it shows up automatically if you originally activated on the same machine).
2. Click on 'Activate over the Internet' to complete the activation. If that fails (because you don't have an Internet connection) then you can activate by phone, fax, or email to receive an activation code.
3. The software will display a warning message one month before the previous expiration date, and you can close that window then click 'Activate' on the 'Help' menu.
4. If your software has already expired, you will be immediately prompted to activate when you launch ChemDraw.

IV. If you are using ChemBioDraw Ultra 15.0 on a Mac
You need to get a new serial number and registration code.

1. To get your new codes, look for the link about renewed serial numbers on the following page:
2. You will be emailed a new serial number and registration code which will be valid until Sunday, November 09, 2015. The Mac software and serial number are included on the same download page and same email message as PC users, but are marked as Mac.

V. If you wish to continue using an older version of ChemBioDraw Ultra 15.0 on a Mac
1. If you want to upgrade to the latest version, see instructions in item IV above. The following instructions are only if you prefer to continue using an older version on the Mac.
2. If you want to keep the older version, send an email from your institutional email address to with the following information included:
2a. The exact product name and version that you are using.
2b. Your current serial number.
2c. The institution name for your site subscription.
3. You'll receive an email back with a new registration code (you re-use the same serial number).
4. Enter that registration code on the popup message that indicates your site subscription is expiring.

If you misplace your serial number at anytime, you can look it up by logging in on our website and clicking 'View Serial Numbers and Expiration Dates for Your Downloads' at:
If you forgot your username and/or password, you can request an email reminding you of them, by filling in your email address in the 'Forgot your Password?' field at:

Informatics Customer Service

America: 1 800 315-7300

Can faculty and students install the software at home?

Absolutely. A professor can install the software on a home computer. The software can be installed on home computers and school computers, or on many school computers. The same holds true for students. As long as they are covered by the site license at all, which means that they have a valid email address at your school, they can install the software on as many computers as they want.

I have a Mac, is this available to me?

Yes, the software is available for both Windows and Macintosh users. You will be sent serial numbers for both types of computers and you may choose which one to download from the Cambridge Software URL. Are Manuals available? Manuals are available to download in the form of PDF. They are available for download from the same site.

What happens after a year?

We expect that most schools will renew their license rather than let it expire. If your license expires, you will only lose the ability to create new data and to edit existing data. You will still be able to view any data you had created while under the site license.

What if the software is updated before our license expires?

The Annual Site License allows you to use the latest version of the software, regardless of when that version was released. Each user will have to download and install the update, of course, but they are certainly allowed to do so under the terms of the license.

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