Introducing Spencer Baron, Assistant Director, MIC-Beijing

Earlier this semester (fall 2014), Spencer Baron, otherwise known as 白思亭 (Bai Siting), began working as Assistant Director in Beijing for the C. V. Starr Middlebury School in China, Beijing program, which Middlebury runs in partnership with CET. Spencer is a long-time veteran of the Middlebury Language schools, both as a student in the Chinese and Japanese summer schools and as a Bilingual for the past two summers in the Chinese school. Spencer loves his new position, his students, co-workers, and his many first-time experiences, as it is his first time in northern China. Spencer writes that students at MIC (Middlebury In China) Beijing have hit the ground running with their first classes and their one-on-one research tracks. The picture below is of a group of MIC Beijing students at 金山岭 (Jin Shan Ling), a more wild part of the great wall, after a very fulfilling and tiring day-long hike!  Spencer writes, “They are still full of that 气 (qi)!” In the second photograph, the Director of MIC Beijing, Professor Zhang Kai (张凯) and Spencer are front holding the banner.







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