Faculty Dance Concert

April 6, Thursday
8:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

One night only! The Dance Program spotlights samples of faculty choreography, featuring works by Christal Brown, Gabriel Forestieri, Scotty Hardwig, Krista Miranda, Maree ReMalia, and Lida Winfield. Tickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale March 20

Clockwise from top left: Christal Brown, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Scotty Hardwig, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Lida Winfield, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Gabriel Forestieri, photo Corey Melton; Maree ReMalia, photo Alan Kimara Dixon

Long Gone

April 13, Thursday
4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Lida Winfield, Visiting Lecturer in Dance, and Ellen Smith Ahern ‘05 have been collaborating since 2010. In this lecture/demonstration they will show excerpts of Long Gone, a duet which weaves dance and spoken word to celebrate heartfelt, funny and irreverent memories of those long gone and explores how our dead continue to live and evolve through memory and imagination. Passionate about making dance an open dialogue between performers and audiences, Ellen and Lida will discuss their creative process, welcome questions and perform excerpts.  Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Marek Procházka

Movement Matters: Two Years in Process

April 20, Thursday
6:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Join Maree ReMalia, Movement Matters Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer, and her cross-disciplinary collaborators to learn about discoveries made through practices of embodied learning and the scope of activities that have taken place during a two-year residency. Enjoy an informal sharing through text, movement, archival media, and more, followed by a celebratory reception. Free

Photo Alejandra Chavez


April 29-30, Saturday-Sunday
8:00 PM each evening, Natatorium, Peterson Family Athletics Complex

Artist in Residence Gabriel Forestieri, along with collaborators Loren Dempster and Adrian Jevicki, transform Middlebury’s Natatorium with a multidisciplinary performance event. The project combines light puppetry, projections, swimmers, divers, dancers, actors, musicians, and singers. A live feed of underwater dancing displays to the board above the pool, while projections light the surface and floor. A floating choir mixes with a soundscape composed directly from the space itself, using contact microphones both out of and in the pool. The work is a play on dimensions of air, water, and light, blending these possibilities of sound, space, and depth. The cast is a mix of athletes, performers, and professionals contributing to an unconventional performance with many surprises. Sponsored by the Dance Program, The Music Department, and The Committee on the Arts. Tickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale April 10.

Senior Thesis Dance Concert

SeniorThesisDanceConcert-Octavio Hingle-Webster'17, Andrew Pester'17, Mandy Kimm'17, Miguel Castillo'17, Lorena Niera'17- photo Alan Kimara Dixon.jpg

May 5–6, Friday–Saturday

Senior Thesis Dance Concert by Octavio Hingle-Webster ’17, Mandy Kimm ’17, Vladimir Kremenovic ’17, Lorena Neira ’17, and Andrew Pester ’17

8:00 PM each evening, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

Senior dance majors researching choreography and performance examine the intersection of contemporary choreography with their varied additional disciplines to create an evening as diverse and layered as their intellectual pursuits. Sponsored by the Dance ProgramTickets: Public $12, College ID holders $10, Students $6; on sale April 17

Octavio Hingle-Webster ’17, Andrew Pester ’17, Mandy Kimm ’17, Miguel Castillo ’18, Lorena Neira ’17; photo Alan Kimara Dixon

Thesis work of Octavio Hingle-Webster '17

May 5, Friday 
10:30 pm, The Bunker, Freeman International Center

Octavio presents this interactive installation/performance as a culmination of their research on futurism, dystopia, and fiction. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Michael O'Hara

Taking Flight: Advanced Beginning Dance Final Showing

May 10, Wednesday
4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

A “lightly produced” showing of dance experiments emerging from the Advanced Beginning course, facilitated by Visiting Artist in Residence Gabriel Forestieri. Free

Image: “Alexander McQueen 1” by Dragos Bruma, inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty collection

Thesis work of Lorena Neira '17

May 10, Wednesday 
10:00pm, exact location to be announced

Lorena’s performance under the light of the full moon encapsulates her research on collective movement rituals, inspired by her studies with Causanacunchic, an Andean folkloric dance group from Cuenca, Ecuador. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

Advanced Improvisation Final Showing

May 11, Thursday 
4:30 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

An ensemble of dancers and musicians demonstrates the ability to compose engaging and coherent pieces “in the moment” after a semester-long study of improvisation as a performing art. Directed by Lida Winfield and Michael Chorney. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Alan Kimara Dixon

Movement and Media Final Showing

May 15, Monday 
5:00 PM, Mahaney Center for the Arts, Dance Theatre

The students of Scotty Hardwig’s spring Movement and Media class will perform original works created following a semester of interdisciplinary inves­tigation into the dynamic relationship between the body and digital media. Durational installation works will be running from 4:30-6:30pm. Sponsored by the Dance Program. Free

Photo: Scotty Hardwig

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