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Student & Faculty Collaboration

The papers listed below are the product of student & faculty collaboration, with at least one Middlebury student and one Middlebury faculty member as co-author.

Forthcoming Papers

Carpenter, Jeffrey, Andrea Robbett '21, and Prottoy A. Akbar '13. "Profit Sharing and Peer Reporting." Management Science, 64(9): 4261-4276, 2018. link

Kane, Emily R.'22, Ariana E. Popa '22, Queenie H. Q. Li '22, and Paul M. Sommers, “Did Trump’s Tweet Disparaging Trudeau Impact Canada-US Border Crossings?” Journal of Student Research, forthcoming.

Myers, Caitlin, and Daniel Ladd. "Did Parental Involvement Laws Grow Teeth? The Effects of State Restrictions on Minors' Access to Abortion." link

Nubler, Laura '16, Karen Austrian, John A. Maluccio, and Jessie Pinchoff. "Rainfall shocks, cognitive development and educational attainment among adolescents in a drought prone region in Kenya." Environment and Development Economics, 2020, forthcoming. link

Wagner, Cate R. '22, Erica J. Barr '22, Joseph W. Spada '22, Cole M. Joslin '22, and Paul M. Sommers, “Siméon Poisson and the Stanley Cup Finals,” Journal of Student Research, forthcoming.

Thompson, Chris J. '21, Kenneth J. Dieker '22, Isabel D. Chandler '21, Jason F. Berger, and Paul M. Sommers, “A Biting Review of Shark Attacks Off Florida’s Coast, 1960 – 2016,” Journal of Student Research, forthcoming.

2020 Published Papers

Benscheidt, Kevin '17.5. "Advanced Counter-Biasing", the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 177(September): 1-18, 2020.

Brown, Wilson B. and Paul M. Sommers, “The Simple Analytics of Evaluating NFL Trades,” Atlantic Economic Journal, Vol. 48 (March), pp. 139-141, 2020.

Lowes, Matthew '10, Peter Matthews. "Preferences, Gender and Post-Traumatic Growth in Northern Uganda", The Journal of African Economies, 29(5): 433-453, 2020.

Chico, Sanchez '18, Karen Macours, John A. Maluccio, and Marco Stampini, "Impacts on school entry of exposure since birth to a conditional cash transfer program in El Salvador." Journal of Development Effectiveness, 12(3): 187–218, 2020. link

Closser, Svea, Kenneth Maes, Erick Gong, Neha Sharma '18, Yihenew Tesfaye, Roza Abesha, Mikayla Hyman, Natalie Meyer, Jeffrey Carpenter. "Political connections and psychosocial wellbeing among Women's Development Army leaders in rural amhara, Ethiopia: Towards a holistic understanding of community health workers' socioeconomic status", Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 266, 2020.

Past Papers

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