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2013 Senior Thesis Titles

Peer Monitoring in a Profit Sharing Workplace: An Experimental Study Prottoy Akbar

The Impact of The Implementation of The Euro on GDP Growth Volatility Andy Dittrich

Incentive Provision when a Worker Suspects Exploitation: A study of motivational crowding-out and exploitation aversion David Dolifka

Reducing the Stunting Gap: Conditional Cash Transfers and Child Undernutrition in Nicaragua Gabriela Juncosa Calahorrano

The Effects of Prestige and Financial Crises on Alumni Giving Behavior at Middlebury College Dan Lungo

What is the effect of cognitive load and divided attention on delay preferences? Heather Marrison

The Impact of mHealth Programs on Health Outcomes in Uganda Anil Menon

Pricing Sovereign Debt Justin Pomerance

Welfare Effects of Rising Food Prices in Bangladesh Redwan Rokon

The 2008 Financial Crisis and its Effects on Households: A Panel Data Analysis of Migrant and Non-migrant Households in Huehuetenango, Guatemala Savant Man Shrestha

The Relationship Between State Taxes and Economic Growth: An Econometric Analysis of State Taxes In and Out of Post-2000 Recessions Andy Singley

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Child Health: Evidence from Guatemala Mackenzie Stewart

The Plastic Effect - Measuring the Effect of Debit Cards on Spending Martin Sweeney

Workfare, Caste, and Children’s Cognition: Did India’s Employment Guarantee Scheme Reduce Caste Disparities in Children’s Cognition Nethra Venkatesh

Motives for Intergenerational Transfers in Guatemala Drew Vollmer

Flexibility is the rule: Understanding monopsony for nurses and implications of the Nurse Licensure Compact Joseph Damron

Customer Discrimination on Ebay Clayton Paschke

Walmart and Driving Behavior Robbie Redmond

Catholic Schools and Social Disorder: The Effect of Declining Catholic School Enrollment on Risky Adolescent Sexual Behavior Luke Skarzynski

Does Compensation Matter?  The Effects of Medicaid Reimbursement Rates on the Distribution of Primary Care Physicians Madison Styrbicki

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