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2020 Senior Thesis Titles

Aidan Acosta [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

Cap-and-Trade and environmental justice: A study of California's RECLAIM program

Christopher Adamo [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

Fake News and Behavioral Political Economy: A Study of the 2020 Presidential Primaries

Owen Anderson [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

The Price of Transition: An Analysis of Post-Communist Price Liberalization and "Deaths of Despair"

Emily Barnard [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

The impact of conditional cash transfers on homicide and domestic violence: An analysis on the PRAF-II conditional cash transfer program

Robert Bernhardt [Thesis Advisor: Phanni Wunnava]

The CPS Citizenship Question and Survey Refusals: A Causal Link?

Seth Boswell [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

The Effect of Labor Cost Innovations on Consumer Welfare in an Endogenous Growth Model

Alex Cook [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Did Climate Change Facilitate the Collapse of the Roman Empire?

Alfred Cramer [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

Free market cattle: Understanding the effects of agricultural subsidies on land dedicated to animal husbandry in New Zealand

Nathaniel Evans [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

Labor Market Discrimination: Evidence of Intersectionality between Race and Gender with a Focus on Asian-Americans

Brett Dineen [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Prescription Opioids: Are They Facilitating the Current Opioid Crisis

Hallie Feibel [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

Gender Differences in the Wage Expectations of College Students

Elizabeth Friesen [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

CCT impact on non-targeted children: An evaluation of education spillovers from a conditional cash transfer in Kenya

Elisa Gan [Thesis Advisor: Akhil Rao]

Gift of Boom or Doom? Assessing the Impact of Chinese Aid on Deforestation in Kenya

Grayson Goolsby [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

Do You Really Want to Buy That?: Revealed Preferences in Technology Firms' Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy

Chase Goree [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

The Digital Divide: Determinants of Mobile Phone Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lin Han [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Are firms promoting the right people?

Farhan Haque [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

The Bangladeshi garment manufacturing industry: Effects on education

Mike Hayes [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Opportunity in Opportunity Zones: Does Incentivizing Private Investment Promote the EMH?

Katherine Hertan [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

The Effect of Language vs. Culture on Future-Orientation

Nathan Hill [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

The Market Value of School Facilities: The Influence of Educational Capital Expenditures on Local Home Prices

Sean Howard [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

How Does Monetary Policy Impact Rents in Different US Cities?

Yihe Jiang [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

The effect of in-utero Ramadan exposure on birth outcomes and maternal investments

Olivia Jin [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

Self-Perceived Economic Welfare and Life Satisfaction in Russia

Philip Klinck [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

Internet Access and Attitudes Towards Democracy in East Asia

Evan Lavery [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

Decreasing Energy Use with Ambient Feedback

Jessica Lipton [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

Are College Closures Causing Nearby High Schoolers to Drop Out?

Jack Litowitz [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

Investing in Analysis: Evaluating the Financial Effects of Insider Trading on Mergers

Haley McCreary [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

Race, gender, and health care utilization of accountable care organization Medicare beneficiaries

Diana McLeod [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

Discrepancies between attitudes and behaviors when determining immigrant legal status in the US: evidence from GoFundMe campaigns

Will Meyer [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Does Consolidation Raise Industry Profits?

Ryan Moise [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

Inequality of Opportunity and the Children Left Behind

Connor Montgomery [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Can Healthy School Lunches Break the Health Poverty Trap?

Chica Morrow [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Does participation in moai among the okinawan population affect social capital or mental health outcomes?

Asra Muhammadi [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

Positive rainfall shocks, child anthropometric outcomes, and healthcare insurance in the context of Pakistan

Olivia Reed [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

The Protestant Ethic: Fact or Fiction?

Benjamin Drucker Rivitz [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

Salary Distributions and Performance Statistics: How to Achieve Optimal Outcomes

Arthur Ross [Thesis Advisor: Erin Wolcott]

Do Airports Cause Industry-Specific Spatial Spillovers? Evidence from Panel Data

Fazl Shaikh [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

How Online Crowdfunding is Contributing to a Shift in the Charitable Giving Landscape for Nonprofit Organizations

Nicholas Sharpe [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

Measuring the Effect of Major League Baseball's Competitive Balance Tax

Ronnie Shereni [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

Food, HIV, and human capital development: Effects of a food assistance program on education, labor and health outcomes for children living with HIV positive adults

John William Stenovec [Thesis Advisor: Phani Wunnava]

Post-Crisis Determinants of Value in Domestic Equity Markets

Daniel Tighe [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

The Impact of Inequality and Information Asymmetry on Asset Market Bubbles and Trader Performance

Gabriella Willingham [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

The effectiveness of LARC initiatives on reducing unintended pregnancy

Ivy Yang [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]

Share the Wealth: The Effect of Carnegie Libraries on Education

Greyson Zatzick [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

Improving the Quality of Job Match Using Labor Market Policy: A Case for the Basic Income

Melody Zhang [Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Carpenter]

A Behaviorally Validated Warm Glow Questionnaire

Anna Zumwinkle [Thesis Advisor: John Maluccio]

Does the institution where you earned your Bachelor's degree from influence your job satisfaction? An empirical analysis of the determinants of job satisfaction

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