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2017 Senior Thesis Titles

Alaa Abdelfattah ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
Multitasking Effect on Productivity: An Experimental Approach

Jackson Adams ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
H.I.T. or Miss

Taylor Banaszewski ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
Loans, Sliders, and Status: Experimental Research Studying A Person's Willingness To Acquire Debt and Expend Effort When Status Is Achievable

Marcos Barrozo ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
The Straight Road to Child Health - Evidence from Rural Nigeria

Hannah Blackburn ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
African Institutions and Child Health: Do Famines Happen in Democracies?

Jake Brown ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
The Political Response to Police Misconduct: Evidence from the NYPD

Birgitta Cheng ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
Access to Contraceptives and the Birth Gap Between Races

Sebastian Colville-Reeves ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
The effect of Matching on Philanthropic Giving

Sean Indrelie ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
Access to Methadone Maintenance Treatment and the Opiate Crisis

Allen Jackson ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
Examining Labor Force Outcomes for Vietnam War Veterans: Volunteers versus Draftees

Nikki Lantigua ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
Carnegie Libraries: An Investigation on the Impact of the Presence of the Carnegie Libraries
on Literacy Rates and School Participation

Jason Lock ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
Investing in the Illusion of Control: Assessing the Impact of Competition on Magical Thinking and its Implications for Financial Decision-Making

Madeline Logue ’17
[Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
Does Universal, Pre-Kindergarten Encourage Female Labor Force Participation?

Travis Stephens ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
The Sharing Economy: Understanding the Distortionary Effects of Airbnb on Residential Rents

Patrick Tang ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Jeff Carpenter]
The Implications of Team Production on Job Design

Madeline Webb ’17 [Thesis Advisor: Erick Gong]
Unchartered Waters: School Choice & Juvenile Crime

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