Faculty to Advise Your Critical Thesis

Cates Baldridge - I advise senior theses on British Literature from the 18th century to the present, or on topics from any era or national tradition that engage with some aspect of literary theory.
James Berg - I would be happy to advise theses on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English poetry, prose, and drama, including Shakespeare‹as well as work on modern adaptations (including film adaptations) of Shakespeare and other Renaissance drama.  And I would happily advise work on non-period-specific topics involving theory and genre, such as character, subjectivity, authorship, readership, allegory, religion, hospitality, economics, gender comedy, tragedy, epic, tale, etc.
Timothy Billings - I especially enjoy advising students working on topics that are theoretical or historical in nature, including those having to do with gender, sexuality, and feminist studies, ethnic studies, and transcultural issues; early English literature of any kind up through the 17th century, from dramatic literature to travel writing; poetry of any period, from the earliest to the most contemporary; translation topics involving any language, including non-Western languages (with a preference for Chinese and Romance languages); contemporary fiction; and projects related to film and media.  I also advise creative writing projects in poetry.
Dan Brayton - I am happy to advise projects on 16th- and 17th-century English literature, including Shakespeare, environmental topics in literature, the literature of the sea (from any historical period), utopias and dystopias, literary and cultural theory, and Vermont writers.
Rob Cohen - ­ I'm interested in or at least open to helping out on theses on individual writers, particularly 20th- century and contemporary, as well as on thematic interests that somehow dovetail with my own, whether it be modernism, postmodernism, Jewish stuff, investigations into the area of overlap between fiction and nonfiction, and really a great many other things too.
Claudia Cooper - I work with students who are pursuing critical theses in children's and young adult literature, including fairy tales and crossover books between young adult and adult literature.  I'm also interested in working with students who are exploring the connections between literature and education, social justice, and global issues and trends.
Stephen Donadio - I have interest and am willing to advise in the following areas: comparative literature and cultural history, ca. 1750-1960; achievements of principal nineteenth- and twentieth-century American authors (ca. 1820-1960); major British authors from Conrad through Doris Lessing; relations between modern literature and the visual arts (including film); some works of contemporary literature.

Deb Evans
- I would be happy to advise students in 19th-century American literature; some pre-1900 topics (Native American lit, captivity narratives); women's literature; regional American literatures, particularly southern and western; short story cycles.
Ben Graves - I welcome the opportunity to advise thesis projects involving 20th- and 21st-century literature, Modernism, ethnic fiction, colonial and postcolonial fiction, and globalization and diaspora studies. I'm eager to work with students on all facets of literary and cultural theory, 20th- and 21st-century British cultural history, and the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexuality.
Antonia Losano - I'm eager to work with students on projects involving 19th-century literature, gender studies or women writers from any period, queer studies, genre fiction (mystery, sci-fi, romance), and children's literature.  I'm also happy to advise projects on interdisciplinary topics (interpreting literature in conjunction with other art forms or cultural practices) and trans-historical topics involving contemporary literary and cultural theory.
Brett Millier - I typically advise senior theses in 20th-century American poetry and prose, in Canadian fiction, and from time to time, in 19th-century American literature and contemporary American fiction. I have particular interest in biographical approaches and gender studies, and encourage my students to do archival research.
Elizabeth Napier - I am happy to advise senior theses in the following areas: eighteenth-century poetry, prose, and drama; the novel; literature and the visual arts.  I also have an interest in the literature of World War I and modernism.
William Nash - I would be happy to work with students doing senior projects on 19th- and 20th- century African American literature; on representations of urban life in American literature; on representations of space and place in 20th-century American literature; and on multiethnic American literature of the 20th century.
Michael Newbury – I’d be interested in advising projects on 19th-century and earlier periods of American literature, the history of the novel and authorship, horror, science fiction, and other forms of speculative fiction, both in film and print.
Jay Parini - I will work mainly with thesis students in creative writing, especially those interested in writing poetry.  I could also work with students interested in modern British or American poetry.  My special interest is Robert Frost, although I also have an interest in such writers as Yeats, Eliot, and Stevens.
David Price (available Spring 2019 only) - I would be willing to discuss in a preliminary manner, and to consider advising, senior theses on British, Irish, and American novelists, poets, and short story writers from the late 19th century to the present. However, this does not exhaust or sharply delimit what I might be willing to take on.
Yumna Siddiqi - I would especially like to work with students doing senior projects in the following areas: postcolonial literature, postcolonial theory, postcolonial feminism, post-war British literature and culture, 19th-century British literature and imperialism, literary and cultural theory, South Asian studies, literature of diaspora and migration, cultural studies.
Marion Wells - I'm happy to advise theses on early modern topics in English literature and comparative topics in some fields (e.g., Classics and English, Italian and English); essays/theses with a WAGS focus dealing at least in part with early modern topics. I also happily advise work on Virginia Woolf and fairy tales past and present.


Faculty to Advise Your Creative Thesis


Timothy Billings - My own MFA is in poetry, so I normally advise only poets—particularly those whom I know well from class and who are willing to work diligently on developing a coherent portfolio of revised poems over the course of a term—but on rare occasions I advise students working on short fiction, as well.  I’m also happy to advise students doing translations or multi-lingual work.

Robert Cohen – I am happy to advise any student writing creative prose, and will work with the student to devise a writing and feedback schedule that works for him or her.

Karin Gottshall -- I look forward to advising students working on creative theses in poetry or on contemporary poetry. My interests as a writer and instructor include the prose poem, surrealism, magic realism, and the ecstatic.

Jay Parini – I’m interested in working with poets in particular. For creative theses, I expect to work for a term, meeting each week to discuss poems in progress, hoping for a portfolio of well-revised poems by the end of the term.  I'm also interested in working with students on nonfiction theses, such as pieces of writing related to a travel experience or an exploration of some topic.  I will, on occasion, work with students on short stories as well.








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