Fall 2013

Elizabeth Courtney, ASLA, Landscape Architect, Author, Environmentalist
Greening Vermont: The Next Fifty Years

Dan Brayton, Associate Professor of English and American Literatures; Chris McGrory Klyza, Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies; Pete Ryan, Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies
Global Inequalities and the Environment

Don Mitchell, writer, farmer, and retired Middlebury faculty member
Adventures in Enhancing Habitat for Endangered Bats 

Elizabeth Stark, Writer, Photographer, and Recipe Developer, Brooklyn Supper; Brian Campbell, Writer, Brooklyn Supper
Bringing Local Foods to the Table, One Recipe at a Time 

Sophie Esser-Calvi ‘03, Middlebury Food and Farm Educator; Jay Leshinsky, President of the Board, Middlebury Natural Foods Co-Op; David Dolginow, Head of Product Development, Sunrise Orchards and Founder of Shacksbury Cider
Feeding America: A Panel Discussion about Sustainable Food in a Growing Nation

Paula Z. Segal, Executive Director and Legal Director, NYC Community Land Access Program, 596 Acres
This Land is your Land: Unlocking the Secrets of our Urban Commons

Eleanor Sterling, Director, Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
How does a Biocultural Perspective Influence our Conservation Strategies?

Paul Hines, Assistant Professor, Engineering and Computer Science, University of Vermont
Large Blackouts in Power Grids: Why They Happen and What to do

Peter Thomson, Environment Editor, PRI's The World
Through the Media Haze: Why (Environmental) Journalism Still Matters

David Grass, PhD ’99, Environmental Health Surveillance Chief, Vermont Department of Health
Environmental Public Health Tracking and Climate Change Adaptation in Vermont

Environmental Problems & Human Behavior:  Psychology Seminar Presentation

Melissa Scanlan, Associate Dean for Environmental Programs, Director of the Environmental Law Center, Associate Professor, Vermont Law School
Social Entrepreneurs: Be the Change You Want to See

Special Afternoon ES 401 Senior Seminar Presentations (4:30 p.m.)

Spring 2013

Andrew Schwarz '72, President, Industrial Economics, Inc.
Environmental Risk Communication

Kristofer Covey, PhD. Candidate, Silviculture and Biogeochemistry, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
The Production and Emission of Methane by Living Trees

David Abram, Cultural Ecologist, Geo-philosopher, and Director of the Alliance for Wild Ethics
Between the Animal and the Animate Earth: Some Thoughts on Language and the Ecology of Sensory Experience

Molly Constanza-Robinson, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry; Rebecca Kneale Gould, Associate Professor of Religion; Nicholas Z. Muller, Associate Professor of Economics, Middlebury
Boundaries, Interfaces, and the Environment

Holmes Hummel, Senior Advisor, Office of the Undersecretary for Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Action on Clean Energy and Climate Change (via Skype)

Chris McGrory Klyza, Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies, Middlebury
Change We Can Believe In? U.S. Environmental Policy in the Obama Years

Kacy McKinney, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Middlebury
Tracing Obscure Connections: Monsanto and Child Labor in the Production of Hybrid Genetically Modified Cottonseed in India

Sylvia Johnson '00.5, Documentary Filmmaker
Stories from the Wilderness

Charley Stevenson, Owner, Integrated Eco Strategy, LLC
Rating Green Buildings: LEED, Living Building Challenge and the Learning Process

Katherine Ebner '87, Co-Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University; Founder, CEO, The Nebo Company
The Sufficiency Principle: A Key to the Sustainable Future

Sarah Stokes Alexander ‘93, Director, Environmental Practice, The Keystone Center
Resilience: A Personal, Community, and Systems Perspective

Kenneth Pratt, ANCSA Program Manager, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Region
“The Country Keeps Changing”: Cultural and Historical Contexts of Ecosystem Changes in Alaska’s Yukon Delta

Special Afternoon ES 401 Senior Seminar Presentations

Fall 2012


Tammy Newmark, President, Ecoenterprises Fund
Portfolio for the Planet

Amy Sheldon ’88, River Scientist and Natural Resource Planner
Interdisciplinary River Management in a Changing Environment

Steve Trombulak, Professor of Environmental and Biosphere Studies; Chris McGrory Klyza, Stafford Professor of Public Policy, Political Science & Environmental Studies; Dan Brayton, Associate Professor of English and American Literatures
Creativity and Collaboration

James L. Elder P'13, Environmental Literacy Social Entrepreneur
Creating Change

William S. Keeton, Professor of Forest Ecology and Forestry & Forestry Program Chair; University of Vermont Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Towards a Unified Theory of Forest Carbon Management
Watch an interview with Bill Keeton following his talk.

Beth DeSombre, Frost Professor of Environmental Studies, Wellesley College
Saving Global Fisheries

Sidney Ribaux, Cofounder and Executive Director, Equiterre; Ashoka Fellow
How to Build the Greenest Building in Canada with No Money, No Land, and No Building Knowledge

Paul Markowitz P'15, Community Energy Program Manager, Efficiency Vermont 
The Role of Community in Our Energy Future

Gregg Humphrey, Senior Lecturer in Education Studies, Middlebury College
Education for Sustainability: A Comprehensive Vision for Environmental Education 

John Seager, President, Population Connection 
A World of 7 Billion: Population, the Environment, and Social Equity

Mary Malloy, Ph.D., Professor of Maritime Studies, Sea Education Association, Woods Hole
Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures and Ecosystems: Undergraduate Ship-Based Research in the Pacific

ES 401 Senior Seminar Presentations


Spring 2012

Peter T. Klein, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Brown University
What Does Sustainable Development Mean, Anyway?: Contestation over Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam

Ned Farquhar ’80, P ’14, Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Interior Department
Energy is Relative – Thrills, Spills, and Drill, Baby, Drill

Michael Rozyne, Founder and Director of Red Tomato
Scaling Up the Local and Regional Food Supply Chain

David Darling, Cellist
Music and the Environment

Molly Costanza-Robinson, Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry; Helen Young, Professor of Biology; Andrea Olsen, John C. Elder Professor in Environmental Studies and Professor of Dance; Rebecca Kneale Gould, Associate Professor of Religion; Lynn Owens, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Visions of Sustainability: Interdisciplinary Lessons from Europe

Ben Blackshear ‘12, Janet Rodrigues ‘12, Jacob Udell ‘12 and Kenny Williams ‘12
Growing a Healthy Future: The Story of a School Garden in the South Bronx

Steve Trombulak, Environmental Studies and Biology, Middlebury College; V. Josselyne Price, Fine Arts, St. Michael’s College; Emmanuel Agbeli Dagbe Center for Cultural Arts, Kopeyia, Ghana; and members of the Akoma Ensemble, St. Michael’s College
The Dagbe Antelope Project

Taylor Ricketts, Director, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont
Mapping the Value of Nature

Theo Spencer '88, Senior Advocate, Climate and Clean Air Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
Pass or Fail—The Obama Administration, Climate Change and Clean Air

Kathleen Colson, CEO/Founder, The BOMA Project; Fred Nelson, Executive Director, Maliasili Initiatives
Social Entrepreneurship and Environmental Conservation in East Africa: Perspectives From the Field

Amy Seidl, Lecturer, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, UVM
Finding Higher Ground: Adaptation in the Age of Warming

ES 401 Senior Seminar Presentations

Fall 2011

Kendra Smith-Howard, Assistant Professor of History, State University of New York at Albany (SUNY)
Pure Milk: The Complicated Environmental History of a Seemingly Simple Food

Tim Rockwood ‘80, Executive Producer, The Last Mountain
Environmental Advocacy Filmmaking

Kathryn Morse, Associate Professor of History; Chris McGrory Klyza, Stafford Prof. of Public Policy, Political Science & Environmental Studies; Peter Ryan, Professor of Geology, Middlebury

Jason Scorse, Chair, International Environmental Policy Program, Graduate School of International Policy and Management, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Why the U.S. No Longer Leads In Environmental Policy

Keith W. Reeves, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science & Faculty Director, Center for Social and Policy Studies at Swarthmore College
The Problem of Proximity: Black Male Incarceration and the Urban Environment

Patrick Berry ’91, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife
Wildlife as a Public Trust Resource

Kim L. Greenwood, Water Program Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council;  Randy Kritkausky, President, ECOLOGIA; Senator Virginia Lyons; Representative David Deen
In the Black Box: What Really Happened to Environmental Legislation Originating in an ES 401 Senior Seminar

Sara E. Smiley Smith ‘04, MESc MPH, Doctoral Candidate, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University
Enabling Resilient Institutions: Change, Decision, and Uncertainty in Environmental Sustainability

Stephen Kress, Director, Seabird Restoration Program, National Audubon Society
The Use of Social Attraction for Restoring Rare and Endangered Seabirds

Billy Coster ’96, Director of Stewardship and Policy at the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
25 years, 400,000 Acres: A Brief History of Publicly Funded Land Conservation in Vermont

Michael Rozyne, founder and Director of Red Tomato
Scaling Up the Local and Regional Food Supply Chain

ES 401 Senior Seminar Presentations

Spring 2011

Ben Hewitt, Author and Farmer
Restorative Agriculture Restoring Communities: The Challenges and Potential in Building Local Food Systems

Adrian Benepe '78.5, Commissioner, New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Sustainable Parks for the 21st Century: A Paradigm Grows in Brooklyn

Dan Brayton, Assistant Professor of English and American Literatures;
Nicholas Muller, Assistant Professor of Economics;
Stephen Trombulak, Professor of Environmental and Biosphere Studies, Middlebury 
Dealing with Uncertainty

Sarah Mittlefehldt, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Natural Resource Management, Green Mountain College 
The Appalachian Trail and the Tangled Roots of Environmental Politics in the U.S.

2011 MAlt Student Pensacola Group 
MAlt Pensacola: Environmental Action and Community Awareness in the Florida Panhandle

Chris Wood '88, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited 
Recovering Fish and Wildlife in an Era of Climate Change

Eric Sorenson, Community Ecologist, Natural Heritage Information Project, VT Fish and Wildlife Department 
Natural Community and Landscape Conservation in Vermont: From Softwood Swamps to Remote Ridgelines

Kathryn Morse, Associate Professor of History and Director of Program in Environmental Studies, Middlebury 
African American Home Gardening in Greene County, Georgia, 1941: The Challenges of Nature and Race in New Deal Documentary Photography

Kevin Bright '06, Assistant Program Manager, Green Building Services, Office for Sustainability, Harvard University 
Sustainable Building Design, Construction and Operation: Lessons Learned at Harvard University from 80+ LEED Projects

Tom Tietenberg, Mitchell Family Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Colby College 
The Regional Greenhouse initiative: Is It Working

Pete Nelson, Associate Professor of Geography, Middlebury
'Because They Don't Hunt'—The Hidden Racial Dimensions of Rural Amenity Migration

ES 401 Senior Seminar Presentation

Fall 2010

Matt Sommerville '02, Ph.D. '10 Department of Biology, Imperial College-London
The Influence of Payments for Environmental Services on Conservation Behaviors in Rural Madagascar

Dan Brayton, Assistant Professor of English and American Literatures, Middlebury
Whale (Culture) Wars: From Leviathan to Baby Beluga

Lori Cragin, Environmental Epidemiologist, Vermont Department of Health
An Exposure to Environmental Health: Atrazine, radon, lead, etc.

Matthew Rales '06, Writer and owner of Grassential Farm, Polyface Farm tour guide, Weston A. Price Foundation
The Bovine Environmentalist

Marc Boglioli, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Environmental Studies and Sustainability, and Women's and Gender Studies, Drew University
Anthropological Reflections on Hunting in Addison County, Vermont

Core panel discussion by Molly Costanza-Robinson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and ES; Rebecca Gould, Associate Professor of Religion and ES; and Jon Isham, Associate Professor of Economics and ES, Middlebury 
Responding to Environmental Crisis: Focus on the Gulf

Rod Parnell '75, Professor of Earth Sciences and Environmental 
Sustainability, Northern Arizona University 
Playing in a Giant Sandbox: 15 years of scientists and policymakers  restoring the Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Fred S. Dunnington, Middlebury Town Planner
Planning Middlebury

Meg Stewart, Research Associate, University of the West Indies, Barbados
Mapping the Grenadine Islands with GIS, Sharing the Data with Google Earth

Beverley Wemple, Associate Professor of Geography and Natural Resources, University of Vermont
The Hills are Alive!: Alpine hydrology and the affects of high-elevation development in the northeastern U.S.

Kristen Underwood, President and Principal Hydrogeologist, South Mountain Research and Consulting, Bristol, VT
A History of River Management in the Forested Headwaters of Addison County, Vermont: Implications for water quality

ES Senior Seminar Presentation

Spring 2010

ENVS 401 Winter Term Senior Seminar Report: Managing Carbon Sequestration

Amanda Warren '11.5, Michaela Skiles '11.5, Samantha Perry '12
Making the Most of Food as a Tool for Teaching Sustainability

Core Panel Discussion by Kathryn Morse, Associate Professor of History and ES Program Director; Pete Ryan, Professor of Geology; Nick Muller, Assistant Professor of Economics, Middlebury
Border Crossings: Transboundary Issues in Environmental Studies

Marc Lapin, Associate in Science Instruction in ES, Middlebury
In it for the Long Term: Colby Hill Ecological Project's First Ten Years of Biodiversity Monitoring on Forever Wild Private lands

Michelle McCauley, Associate Professor of Psychology, Middlebury
Why We Act and Why We Don't: The Psychology Behind Engaging (or not) in Pro-Environmental Behaviors

Chris Runcie '75 & Lisa Purcell '81
Environmental Learning for All: Working Towards Environmental literacy through Education and Discourse

Jay Turner, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Wellesley College
Red + Blue = Green? History, Partisanship, and Environmental Politics

Andrew Savage '03.5, Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director, Congressman Peter Welch
Reporting from Washington: Vermont's Energy and Climate Leadership in Congress

Katie Flagg '08, Reporter and Online Editor, Addison County Independent
Stories from Home: Adventures in Environmental journalism in Rural Vermont

Bennett Konensi '04.5, Excecutive Director, Sylvester Manor
Food, Music, and a Culture of Saving Places

Leanne Klyza Linck, Conservationist, Northeast Program Director, The Wilderness Society
Federal Land Protection in the Era of Climate Change

ENVS 401 Spring Senior Seminar Report

Fall 2009

Katie Romanov '11, Lois Parshley '11, Nial Rele '12
Stay Calm and Carry On: Our Expedition to Antarctica with World Explorer Robert Swan

Jeffrey Langholz, Associate Professor of international and Environmental Policy, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Critical Skills and Knowledge for Conservation Leadership View video

Helen Young, Professor of Biology; Andrea Olsen, Kathleen and William F. Truscott '83 Professor in Environmental Studies
View from the Galapagos (part of the 2009 Clifford Symposium)

Core Panel Discussion by Chris McGrory Klyza, Stafford Professor of Public Policy; kathryn Morse, Associate Professor of History; Marc Lapin, Assistant in Science Instruction in ES, Middlebury
Food and the Environment

José Almiñana, RLA, ASLA, LEED, Principal, Andropogon Associates
Towards Regenerative Design: The Sustainable Sites initiative

Jed Smith '88, Managing Partner, Catamount Ventures; Middlebury Board of Trustees
Eco Entrepreneurship: The Time is Now View video

Phil Huffman '84, Director of Conservation Programs, The Nature Conservency - Vermont Chapter
Helping Wildlife Get There from Here: Collaborating Across Borders to Conserve Functional Habitat Linkages in the Northern Appalachians

Hon. William Sessions III '69, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court, District of Vermont
Federal Preemption in the Environmental Field

Laura Sewall, Director, Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area and the Shortridge Coastal Area, Bates College
The Psychology of Right View: Neuroscience, Nature and What We See View video

Nadia Horning, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Middlebury
Poor Conservation in Rich Africa: the Politics of Deforestation in Madagascar, Uganda and Tanzania View video

Greg Pahl, Richard Carpenter, Laura Asermily, ACORN Renewable Energy Co-op
A Co-operative Response to Our Energy Crisis

ENVS 401 Fall Senior Seminar Report

Spring 2009

Judith Layzer, Associate Professor of Environmental Policy, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Urban Sustainability-Can We Make Cities Sustainable?
View video

Randy Kritkausky, Co-founder and President, ECOLOGIA
Corporate Social Responsibility, From Vermont to China
View video

Don Mitchell, Lecturer in English and American Literatures and Film and Media Studies; Steve Trombulak, Mead Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies; Nick Muller, Assistant Professor of Economics, Middlebury College
Core Panel Discussion: Contradictions on the Human-Nature Interface

Thomas Hand ’06 and Jamie Hand ‘08, Hand Energy Services
Residential Energy Efficiency in Vermont
View video

Andrew Meyer, Vermont Soy, Vermont Natural Coatings, and Center for Agricultural Economy
Hardwick, VT: Rebuilding a Healthy Food System
View video

Jamee Field ’97.5, Senior Associate, Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors, and Member, Board of Trustees, Nature Conservancy of Illinois
Saving the Environment through Alleviating Poverty

Jon Kim, Geologist, Vermont Geological Survey and Peter Ryan, Associate Professor of Geology, Middlebury College
The rural water resource in Vermont: Relationships between bedrock geology and naturally-occurring trace metals in groundwater
View video

Ann Armbrecht, Anthropologist and author of Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home
Thin Places: the Cultural Dimensions of Sustainability

Amy Seidl, Consultant, LivingFuture Foundation, and author of Early Spring: An Ecologist and Her Children Wake to a Warming World
Early Spring: Climate Change in a New England Landscape

John Jensen, Maritime Studies and Ocean Policy Faculty, Sea Education Association of Wood's Hole, Massachusetts
Archaeology, the Maritime Landscape, and Fishing the Ocean’s Past

Ed Kanze ‘78, Author, naturalist, wilderness guide, and photographer in the Adirondacks
A Backyard Biological Survey: Success, Failures, and Fun

ENVS 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Fall 2008

Senator Claire Ayer '92, Third Term State Senator Representing Addison County and Brandon
Energy Issues in the Vermont Legislature

Noelle Mackay, Executive Director, Smart Growth Vermont
Back to the Land, Twenty-First Century Style: How Smart Growth Can Shepherd Vermont’s Traditional Landscape into the Post-Oil Era

Kathy Morse, Associate Professor of History; Chris Klyza, Stafford Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and Environmental Studies; Pete Ryan, Associate Professor of Geology, Middlebury
Core Panel Discussion: My City was Gone: Reflections on Sprawl

David Blittersdorf, President and CEO, Earth Turbines, Inc
Our Energy Future – A Major Change
View video

Liz Putnam, Student Conservation Association (SCA) Founding President
Our Land – Our Youth – Our Future

Rebecca Kneale Gould, Associate Professor of Religion, Middlebury
Religious Environmentalisms: A View from the Field

Susan Crate, Assistant Professor of Human Ecology, George Mason University
Climate Change, Culture Change, and Human Rights: Making the Case for Viliui Sakha of Northeast Siberia

Asher Burns-Burg ’05.5, Associate, ICF International
Grassroots Government: Laying the Foundation for Federal Climate Leadership

Amy Trubek, Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Vermont
The Taste of Place: Our Possible Future
View video

Bill Hegman, GIS Specialist; Matt Biette, Director of Dining Services; Jack Byrne, Director of Sustainability Integration, Middlebury
Understanding the Role of Food in Middlebury’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative
View video

David Brynn, Founder and Executive Director, Vermont Family Forests
A Family Forest Journey: From Farming to Rewilding of Vermont’s Private Working Woodlands
View video

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Spring 2008

Bill McKibben, Scholar-in-Residence in Environmental Studies, Middlebury
Matters Canonical: Trying to edit American environmentalism

Nadia Horning, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Michael Sheridan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology; Jacob Tropp, Spencer Fellow in African Studies, Associate Professor of History, Middlebury
How the Environment Matters in Africa: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Phil Aroneanu ’06.5, Will Bates '06 & Jeremy Osborn '06.5, Step it Up Organizers
The New Climate Movement: From Software to the Streets

Jennie Stephens, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Clark University 
Energy Technology Deployment for Climate Change Mitigation: Socio-political Influences on Wind and Carbon Capture and Storage

Phil Mosenthal, Founding Partner, Optimal Energy
Power to Save:  Energy Efficiency Potential, Economics and Policies

Tom Parris, Director of Sustainability Programs, ISciences
Freshwater Sustainability

Gretchen Elias '96, Program Support Manager, Institute for Sustainable Communities
Practical Challenges in Promoting Community-Based Social and Environment Work in Former Socialist Countries:  An Alumni Perspective

Andrea Olsen, Professor of Dance, Middlebury College
Arts and the Environment: A Performance and Discussion
*NOTE SPECIAL VENUE: Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theater (Room 110)

Nick Muller, Assistant Professor of Economics, Middlebury College
The Dirty Dozen: Measuring the Effects of Air Pollution in the U.S.

Jon Berger '67, President, Expert Information Systems, Inc.
The Canoe Atlas of the Little North: Perspectives on the Understanding of Place

ENVS 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Fall 2007

Rebecca Stanfield McCown, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Vermont
Relevancy in the 21st Century: Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the National Parks

Robert Foster, Owner, Vermont Natural Agriculture Products
The 25x25 Initiative and AgRefresh

Chris Klyza, ES Program Director and Professor of Political Science & ES; Rebecca Gould, Professor of Religion & ES; Molly Costanza-Robinson, Professor of Chemistry & ES, Middlebury College
Core Panel Discussion

Scott Darling, Wildlife Biologist, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
Wind Energy and Bats: A Case Study in the Policy Challenges of Renewable Energy

Jeff Parsons, Principle and Ecologist, Arrowwood Environmental, LLC. Adjunct Professor, Sterling College.
Hydro Quebec and James Bay: The Environmental and Social Metrics of Renewable Energy Production

Anthony Flint ’84, Head of Public Affairs, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Urban Convergence: Green Living in Cities and Town Centers


Jack Byrne, Campus Sustainability Coordinator, Middlebury College
The Hillcrest Environmental Center: A Case Study in the Challenges and Opportunities of Historic and Sustainable Renovation

Pete Johnson ‘97, Pete’s Greens
Can Vermont Feed Itself?

Meg Mitchell, Supervisor, Green Mountain National Forest, Rutland
Forest Issues and the Environment

John McClellan, President and CEO, Sprague Energy Corporation
The Promise of Bio-fuels: Sorting through Hype, Public Policy and Economics

Jon Isham, Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
Fanning the Flame: Some Next Steps for the World’s Climate Movement

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Spring 2007

Jeff Munroe, Assistant Professor of Geology, John Elder, Professor of English & ES, Lee Corbett '07, Middlebury College
Maples in the Landscape: Exploring the Geologic Basis of a Terroir for Maple Syrup in Vermont

Morgan Wolaver, President, Otter Creek Brewing
Growing a business around local organic agricultural & sustainable business practices

Steve Trombulak, Professor of Biology & ES, Don Mitchell, Lecturer in English & Film and Media Culture, Nadine Barnicle, Visiting Lecturer in ES, Middlebury College
ES Core Panel Discussion: Facing uncertainties in an imperfectly knowable world

Ruth McWilliams, National Sustainable Development Coordinator, USDA Forest Service
Finding the 'Ability' in Sustainability

Matt Dickerson, Professor of Computer Science & ES, Middlebury College
Beyond Romanticism: J.R.R. Tolkien's Practical Agrarian Romance

Adrianne Massey, Principal, A. Massey and Associates
Biotechnology and the Environment: Developing Science-Based Policies

Shannon Gleason, Program Manager, ENSR Environmental Consultants & Engineers
Technical, Regulatory and Public Considerations in Site Remediation

George Wuerthner, Ecological Projects Director, Foundation for Deep Ecology
Wildfire Ecology and Forest Policy Implications

Michael Silberman '02, Co-founder/Director, EchoDitto
Net-Centric Environmentalism: Social media, the internet, and the environmental movement

Kathy Callahan, Deputy Regional Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Expecting the Government to Save the Planet? The Evolving Federal Role

Bryan Costa '03.5, GIS Specialist for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assesment's Biogeography Team
Implementing GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies to Conserve Living Marine Resources in the Territories, Coastal Waters and Flag Islands of the U.S.

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Fall 2006

Jody Shapiro, Ph.D., Producer/Writer & Sanford Lewis, Esq., Producer/Director, Strategic Video Productions
The Truth About Cats, Dogs, and Lawn Chemicals

Alan Baer, President, SolarQuest
Winning the War on Carbon: Can We Save the Plant?  Can We Save Ourselves?

Jennifer Post, Assistant Professor of Music, Middlebury College
Sound, Music and our Environment

Pete Ryan, Geology & ES, Chris Klyza, Political Science & ES, Kathy Morse, History & ES, Middlebury College
Space and Scale

Jason Scorse, Assistant Professor, International Policy Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Does Being a "Top 10" Worst Polluter Affect Facility Environmental Releases? Evidence from the U.S. Toxic Release Inventory

Laurie Rich, Vice President, Programs, INFORM, Inc.
The Smell of Clean:  Why It Makes People Sick

Katie Dolan '77, Executive Director, Eastern New York Chapter of The Nature Conservancy
Hikers, Horses, and Hawk-watchers:  Whose Nature Preserve is it?

Jerry Jenkins, Researcher with Adirondack Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
Biodiversity Management in Working Forests: What Can We Conserve with Conservation Easements?

Ted Montgomery, GroundSwell Architects
Ya gotta be a little crazy - reflections on building and living in intentional community at Ten Stones

Gabe Epperson '02, Project Planner, Envision Utah
Designing Diverse Urban Ecosystems

Kendra McLauchlan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College
Reversibility of agricultural impacts on ecosystems

ENVS 401 Senior Seminar Final Presentations

Spring 2006

Will Hurd, Founder & Director, Remote Peoples Heard Worldwide
"Cow-Intestine Neckties: My time with the Mursi of Ethiopia and our struggle to keep them on their land"

Kathleen Osgood Dana, Professor, Center for Northern Studies at Sterling College
"Would there be shadows without any light? Reflections on Sámi places and stories"

Don Mitchell, English & ES; Molly Costanza-Robinson, Chemistry & ES; Jon Isham, Economics & ES, Middlebury College
Core Panel Discussion: "When Nature Bites Back: Environmental Perspectives on Natural Catastrophes"

Patrick Parenteau, Professor of Law and Director Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic, Vermont Law School
"First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers: The Role of Litigation in Environmental Advocacy"

Wil Burns, Associate Professor, International Environmental Program, Monterey Institute of International Studies
"The International Whaling Commission in the 21st Century: Leviathan or Laggard?"

Jared Snyder, Assistant Attorney General, Environmental Protection Bureau, New York Attorney General's Office
"Into the Void: the States Tackle Global Warming"

Timothy Barnett, Vice president, The Nature Conservancy – Director of Special Programs for Adirondack Conservancy/Adirondack Land Trust 
"The Adirondacks, a Global Perspective"

Molly Costanza-Robinson, Professor of Chemistry & Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
"Environmental CAT Scans: a Glimpse into Soil's Blackbox"

Gil Livingston, Vice President for Land Conservation, Vermont Land Trust
"Black Family Land Trust: Can Conservation and Community Land Trust Tools Support Equity and Justice in the Rural South?"

Anne Hambleton '85, Senior Manager & Business Development, Native Energy
"Can Global Markets Solve Environmental Problems?:  A Current Look at the Growing Worlds of Carbon Finance and Ecosystem Services Banking and Trading"

Andy Revkin, Environment Reporter, The New York Times
"The Daily Planet: A journalist's search for sustainability, from the Amazon to the Arctic"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations


Fall 2005

Dane Springmeyer '02, Projects Manager, E. F. Schumacher Society
"Exploring Global Raptor Migration: Reflections of a Watson Fellow"

Rodrigo Prudencio '91, Principal, Nth Power LLC
"Venture Capital & Energy Technology: Is There a Google in Green Energy?"

Randy Hagenstein '81, Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy (AK)
"Intelligent Tinkering: Saving all the little pieces of Alaska"

Terry Kellogg '94, Executive Director, One Percent for the Planet
"The Intersection of Business and the Environment: Fertile or Fallow Ground?"

Carol Lee Rawn '84, Attorney, Conservation Law Foundation
"Restoring Urban Water Environments"

Greg Hanscom '95, Editor of High Country News
"Under fire: A report from the front lines of environmental journalism"

Charlie Kronick '78, Chief Policy Advisor, Greenpeace UK
"Hey U: Windowpanes, Lightbulbs & Other Widgets - An Unexpected Journey Through the Non-Politics of Climate Change"

Gretchen Hund '79, Senior Staff Scientist, Pacific NW National Lab
"Drafting an International Standard on Env Communication based on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development"

Denise Schlener '77, Regional Director, Trust for Public Lands
"Conserving Land from the Inside Out: Growing and Managing Non-Profit Organizations"

Barbara Booth '75, High School Administrator, Santa Fe Waldorf School
"Getting your Hands Dirty: How & Why Waldorf Education Works"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Spring 2005

Andi Mowrer, U.S. Representative, Animals Asia Foundation
"Bear Farming in China and its Impact on American Black Bears"

Amy Trubek, Vermont Fresh Network, and Dana Hudson, Shelburne Farms
"Connecting Farmers and Chefs: A Vision for a Local Food System"

Don Mitchell, English & ES; Steve Trombulak, Biology & ES; Jon Isham, Economics & ES, Middlebury College ES Core Panel: "Arguing the Point: Endangered Species Protection as Seen from Scientific, Humanistic, and Public Policy-based Perspectives"

Eric Pallant, Director of Center for Economic and Environmental Development and Professor of Environmental Science, Allegheny College
"Is this any way to promote sustainability?"

Héctor Sáez, Assistant Professor, UVM Environmental Program and Dept of Community Development and Applied Economics
"In Search of Sustainable Coffee: Civic Values and the Market in Costa Rica"

Jacob Park, Assistant Professor of Business & Public Policy, Green Mountain College
"Business of Global Climate Change: Defining a Public Role for the Private Sector"

Kathryn Morse, Associate Professor of History, Middlebury College
"The View from Here: Environmental History through Historical Images and Photographs"

Lee R. Lynd, Professor of Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Biology, Dartmouth College
"The Role of Plant Biomass in a Sustainable World"

Project BioBus, Middlebury College: The Project BioBus Educational Outreach Tour of the USA
"How and Why We Promoted Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel"

Robin Ingenthorn, President, Good Point Recycling, and Founder, World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association
"International Reuse and Recycling Opportunities: the good, the bad and the ugly"

Dan Stahler '96, Project Biologist, Yellowstone Gray Wolf Restoration Program
"Wolves in Yellowstone: lessons on trophic and societal cascades"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Fall 2004

Diana Stuart Sinton '88, GIS Program Director, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education
"Interpreting Patterns of Woody Vegetation in Argentina's El Palmar National Park"

Azur Moulaert, Environmental Advocate, Vermont Public Interest Research Group
"A Proposal for Vermont's Electric Energy Future: Keeping the Big Picture in the Picture"

Kathryn Morse, History; Steve Trombulak, Biology & ES; Steve Maier, Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Studies; Middlebury College
"Core Panel Discussion: Perspectives on the Political Process as a Mechanism for Addressing Environmental Issues"

Amelia Rudolph, Director, Project Bandaloop (Art and the Environment)
"Dancing on Mountains: The Descent of El Capitan"

Greg Spitz, Senior Project Consultant, Resource Systems Group
"New Developments in Transportation and How they Affect the Environment"

Emily Joselson Esq., Langrock Sperry & Wool LLP
"Private Litigation as a Means of Supporting a Cleaner Environment - Using the Civil Justice System to Enforce Accountability"

Brian Keel, Forest Technician, US Forest Service, Green Mountain National Forest
"Climate Change and Assisted Migration of At-Risk Orchids"

Jim Carlton, Director of the Williams-Mystic Program in American Maritime Studies
"Environmental History, Policy, and Science: Changes in the Sea"

Julian Agyeman, Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University
"Sustainable Communities and the Challenge of Environmental Justice"

Bill McKibben, Scholar-in-Residence in Environmental Studies
"The Champlain Valley and the Adirondacks: Imagining a Single Region"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Spring 2004

Randy Kritkausky, President, ECOLOGIA, Middlebury, VT
"International Environmental Standards: Myths, Realities, and Concerns"

William Bress, State Toxicologist, Vermont Department of Health
"Environmental Chemical Releases: Routes of Exposure"

Don Mitchell, English & ES; Chris Klyza, Political Science & ES; Steve Trombulak, Biology & ES, Middlebury College
Core Panel Discussion: "Biocentrism: Origins and Prospects"

Stephanie Kaza, Associate Professor, University of Vermont Environmental Program
"Engaging the Dilemmas of Consumerism: Buddhist Perspectives"

Middlebury College Carbon Reduction Initiative
"Carbon Reduction at Middlebury College: Proposal for Middlebury College"

Tod Murphy, The Farmer's Diner- Barre, VT
"Think locally, act neighborly: Our responsibility to rebuild healthy communities"

Robert Costanza, Director, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, The University of Vermont
"Ecological Economics: Reintegrating the study of humans and the rest of nature to create a sustainable and desirable future"

Linda Morse '67, National Sustainable Development Program Manager, CH2M HILL
"Sustainable Development- Getting Engineers to Listen"

William Shutkin, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
"Greening Community Development: A View from the Field"

Rich Wolfson, Physics & ES; Steve Trombulak, Biology & ES, Middlebury College
"Twentieth Century Climate Change in New England and New York"

Don Mitchell, English & ES, Middlebury College
"How and Why I Came to Write The Nature Notebooks, a Novel about 'Nature Writing'"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Fall 2003

Doug Thompson '91, Assistant Professor of Geology, Connecticut College
"River Restoration and Fluvial Geomorphology: Past, Present and Future"

Mike Winslow, Staff Scientist, The Lake Champlain Committee
"Phosphorus Management in Lake Champlain: Successes, Failures, & Future Challenges"

Jon Isham, Economics & ES; Rebecca Gould, Religion; Steve Trombulak, ES & Biology
Core Panel Discussion: "Confronting Alternative Perspectives in Environmental Studies"

Saleem Ali, School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont
"Sovereignty and Environmental Justice Among Native Americans: Redefining Self-Determination & Risk Exposure Decisions"

Chris Klyza, Political Science & ES; Diane Munroe, ES Teaching Associate; Krista Siringo, CSO, Middlebury College; Bryan Wentzell '97, Conservation Outreach Coordinator, Appalachian Mountain Club
"Life After Middlebury: ES Careers, Graduate Schools, and Other Pursuits"

Daniel Lashof, Natural Resource Defense Council, Climate Center Science Director
"Global Warming: Emerging Federal and State Solutions"

David Foster, Director of the Harvard Forest, Harvard University
"Conservation at the Interface of Ecology and Environmental History"

Bob Osborne, Professor of Psychology, Middlebury College
"Environmental Attitudes, Motivation, Emotional Affinity Toward Nature, and Sense of Efficacy: Their Relationships to Pro-environmental Behaviors at Middlebury College"

Karen Fisher-Vanden, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College
"What is Driving China's Decline in Energy Intensity?"

Chris Shaw, Local Author/Nature Writer
"Getting Green in Mesoamerica: Dams or Protection for the Usumacinta River"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Spring 2003

Barrett Rock, Univ of New Hampshire Institute for Study of Earth, Oceans & Space 
"The New England Regional Assessment—Preparing for a Changing Climate"

Andrew Savage '03; Jon Isham, Economics; Chris McGrory Klyza, Poli Sci & ES
"The Greening of Social Capital"

Pete Ryan, Geology; Jon Isham, Economics; Don Mitchell, English
Core Panel Discussion: "Activism and Academics in Environmental Studies"

Vermonja Alston, Northeast Consortium Scholar in Residence, Middlebury College
"Moving Toward Home: The Poetics and Politics of Environmental Justice in the Work of June Jordan"

Mollie Matteson, Education & Outreach Director, Forest Watch
"Wild Land, Working Land, Wasteland: Scenes from East and West"

Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University
"Environmentalism in the New Millennium"  (2003 Scott Margolin Lecture)

John Kassel '79, Environmental Lawyer
"The Role of Environmental Law in Environmental Policy and Vice-Versa"

Celia Nyamweru, Anthropology, St. Lawrence University
"Women and environmental conservation; the kaya forests of coastal Kenya"

David Dobbs, Author and Visiting Scholar at Harvard
"Stumbling Upon the Literary Landscape: Private Pleasures and Public Perils of Reading (About) Nature"

Paul Joffe, Director of International Affairs, National Wildlife Federation
"Why it is so hard to make environmental policy in the global village: trouble in Seattle, Washington DC and Johannesburg"

Ted Nunez, Religion, Middlebury College
"Contemporary Catholic Social Thought and the Contested Meanings of Sustainable Development"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Fall 2002

Sue Halpern, Writer
"Tracking the Journey: Citizen-Science meets Monarch Butterflies"

Lori DelNegro, Chemistry, Middlebury College
"Dow Chemical, Dr. Seuss, Nike and 'Environmental Molecular Design'"

Chris Klyza, Political Science & ES; Kathy Morse, History; Steve Trombulak, ES &
Biology, Middlebury College
Core Panel Discussion:  "Past, Present and Future: Thinking about Time in Environmental Studies"

Nora Mitchell, Director, Conservation Study Institute, Woodstock, VT
"Looking at Recent Trends in Conservation: Lessons from the Field"

Steven Letendre, Management & ES, Green Mountain College
"Distributed Energy Technologies: Economics, Environment, and the Policy Challenge"

Barry King, Board Member, VT State-Wide Environmental Education Programs
"Environmental Education in Vermont: The Fabric, Challenges and Opportunities"

Mark Lapin, Champlain Valley Clayplain Forest Project
"Conservation Planning for the Champlain Valley Clayplain Forest—An Application of Forest Ecology, Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology"

Middlebury College Carbon Neutral Committee
"Facing the Challenge of Global Climate Change at Middlebury:  Defining a Strategy for Carbon Reduction and Offsets"

Richard Howarth, Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College
"Global Climate Change and Intergenerational Equity"

Amy Seidl, Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
"Effect of Global Change on Plant-Insect Interactions in Alpine Ecosystems: Butterflies and their Hostplants"

ES 401 Senior Seminar Class Presentations

Spring 2002

John Todd, Research Professor & Distinguished Lecturer, UVM
"Designing for Sustainability: An Ecological Approach"

David Rosenberg, Political Science; Dave Guertin, ITS Specialist for the Sciences; Gabe Epperson '03, ES Major, Middlebury College
"Tuna Wars? A Case Study of Resource Depletion in the South China Sea"

John Isham, Economics; Don Mitchell, English; Steve Trombulak, Biology & ES, Middlebury College
Core Panel Discussion: "Environmental Perspectives on the Post-September 11th World"

Enid Wonnacott, Executive Director, Northeast Organic Farming Association
"Genetic Engineering and the Impact on Organic Farming"

Rich Wolfson, Physics, Middlebury College
"Global Warming: IPCC 2001 Update"

Rebecca Gould, Religion, Middlebury College
"Cultural Pluralism and Environmentalism: Putting Religion (and Food) on the Table - Notes from Alaska and Beyond"

Bill McKibben, Author and Visiting Scholar in ES, Middlebury College
"The Next Environmentalism: A Few Remarks in Defense of People as We Have Known Them"

Nancy Bazilchuck, Environmental Reporter, Burlington Free Press
"From Print to Policy: The Role of Environmental Journalism in Shaping Public Policy"

Collette Hopkins, Associate Director for Partnerships, Research Center for Science & Technology, Clark Atlanta University
"Using the Ecological Footprint Model for Community Outreach"

Townsend H. Anderson '75, Director of Development, Orton Family Foundation
"Land is a commodity; land is a resource: can the emerging decision support systems and GIS technology help change our 'community' mindset?"

ES401 Environmental Studies senior seminar class presentations

Fall 2001

Andrew Friedland, Environmental Studies Program, Dartmouth College
"Of Matters that Matter: Personal Choices and Their Impacts on Energy Use and the Environment"

Michael Sheridan, Sociology/Anthropology, Middlebury College
"The Rain is Different Now: Sacred Forest, Environmental Narratives, Rainfall Decling, and Deforestation in Northeastern Tanzania"

Chris McGrory Klyza, ES & Political Science; Steve Trombulak, ES & Biology; John Elder, ES & English, Middlebury College
"The Role of Values in Environmental Education"

Elisabeth Grinspoon '90, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Land Management, University of CA, Berkeley
"Socialist Land Auctions: Emerging Property Rights and Struggles over Collective Forestland in China's Economic Transition"

Lisa Brawley, Urban Studies, Vassar College
"Community Supported Agriculture and the Global Food Justice Movement"

Steve Young, President, Center for Northern Studies
"Mongolia's Cold Steppes: Key to the Ancient Arctic?"

Nadia Rabesahala Horning, Department of Government, Cornell University
"Nature Conservation in Madagascar: Can Local Communities Handle It?"

David Dobbs, Author
"Fish Tales & Lyin' Eyes: How a Spat over Science Helped Destroy the New England Groundfishery"

Andrea Olsen, Dance Program, Middlebury College
"Art & The Environment"

Kevin Dann, Director, LandMarks
"The Place of Mystery(ies) in the History of Place(s)"

ES 401 ES Senior Seminar class presentations
"Alternatives to Expansion: Building Demolition on the Middlebury College Campus" and "Cultural, Natural, and Religious Perspectives on the Spirit in Nature Trails"

Spring 2001

Jay West, Humanities, Middlebury College
"Lake Baikal: The Environmental Fate of Siberia's Sacred Sea"

Sarah Slusser, Group Manager, AES Corporation
"Providing Global Power in a Socially Responsible Way"

Alex Aldrich, Executive Director, Vermont Arts Council
"The Role of the Arts in Community Revitalization"

Stefan Nagel '69, Attorney
"The Essentials of Private Land Conservation: The Tools, The Benefits, The Law"

Helen Young, Biology Department, Middlebury College
"Pollination of Jewelweed: Mutualism Gone Awry?"

Judy Layzer, Political Science Department, Middlebury College
"Citizen Participation and Government Choice in Local Environmental Controversies"

John McWilliams, American Literature and Civilization, Middlebury College
"Terry Tempest Williams: Leaping into Bosch"

Peter Ryan, Geology Department, Middlebury College
"EPA, Superfund and the Elizabeth Copper Mine of South Strafford, VT"

Jacob Scherr, Director, Natural Resources Defense Council's International Program
"Globalization and the Environment: Showdown at Laguna San Ignacio"

John Niles, Staff Scientist, Stanford University Center for Conservation Biology
"Negotiating the Future: The International Politics of Global Warming and Tropical Forests"

ES360 Class Presentation & ES Senior Thesis Presentations

Fall 2000

Chris McGrory Klyza, Director, ES Program & Nan Jenks-Jay, Director of Environmental Affairs
"Environmental Studies at Middlebury: 35 and Still Green"

Steve Trombulak, Biology & Environmental Studies, Middlebury College
"Turtle Meets the Rainbow Serpent: Observations on Conservation in Australia"

Jacob Tropp, History Department, Middlebury College
"Forest Conflicts and Forced Resettlement in Apartheid South Africa"

Chris Wood '88, Senior Policy Advisor to Chief of the US Forest Service
"Seeing the Forest for More Than the Trees: Recent Changes in National Forest Management"

Joe McCormick, Professor of Political Science, Howard University
"Policy Responses to the Pfiesteria Problem: a View From the States"

Peter Decker '57, author & former trustee of Middlebury College
"If Only John Wayne Had Been a Pig Farmer "

Bill Hegman, GIS Specialist, Geography Deptartment, Middlebury College
"Biodiversity Planning and Management in Bulgaria"

Chris Robbins '73
"Careers in Land Protection, Planning, and Development: How You can be Involved in What Happens to the Land"

Pat Manley, Geology Department, Middlebury College
"Internal Seiche, Furrows, and Pockmarks: Dynamic Happenings in Lake Champlain"

Alexa Hanke, Manager of Environmental Compliance & Education, Green Mountain Energy Company
"Deregulation: Paving a Way for a World Powered by Renewable Energy"

Amy Seif, Environmental Coordinator, Middlebury College
"The Faces and Thoughts Behind Modern-day Visions for a Sustainable World"

Spring 2000

Deb Brighton, Ad Hoc Associates
"Green Taxes: Taxing Bads Instead of Taxing Goods"

Kari Dolan, National Wildlife Federation
"Over the Falls in a Barrel: Getting Wet in Water Worries"

Carl Reidel, University of Vermont
"The Compleate Environmentalist; A Philosopher-Plumber"

Madeliene Kunin, former Governor of Vermont and Bicentennial Fellow, Middlebury College
"Environmental Decision Making"

Janie Wulff, Biology
"Predicting ecological consequences of a sea-level canal through Central America"

Rich Wolfson, Physics
"Global Warming: A Millenial Update"

Paul Brewster, Forest Supervisor, Green Mountain National Forest
"The Green Mountain National Forest -- A Legacy for the Future"

Steven Rockefeller, Religion
"Search for a Global Ethic: The Earth Charter"

Elizabeth Thompson, The Nature Conservancy
"Places, Plants, and Patterns: The Natural Communities of Vermont"

David Weis, Chemistry
"Atmospheric Aerosols: What Can We Learn in the Lab"

Fall 1999

Bob Churchill, Director of ES Program; Chris Klyza, Political Science/ES; Amy Seif, Evironmental Coordinator
"Welcome Back & Overview of the Colloquium, the ES Major and On-campus Environmental Initiatives"

Andrew Light, Asst Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, SUNY/Binghamton & NYU
"Pragmatism, Human Values & Environmental Ethics"

Chris McGrory Klyza, Assoc. Professor of Political Science & Environmental Studies "The New Natural History"

David Rosenburg, Professor of Political Science
"Environmental Problems of the South China Sea: Maritime Hub of the Asian Industrial Revolution"

Rebecca Gould, Assistant Professor of Religion
"Back to the Land in America: Religion, Nature and Cultural Reform"

Leanne Klyza Linck, Outreach Director, Northern Forest Alliance
"The Northern Forest: Implementing the Vision"

Sallie Sheldon, Professor of Biology
"Stop Fussing and Let Evolution Take Care of it! Biological Control of an Exotic Weed by a Native Insect"

Townsend Swayze, Environmental Consultant
"The Niger Delta: How Evil is Shell?"

Tom Butler, Editor, Wild Earth Magazine
"Wilderness Protection and Recovery"

Adam Sherman, Manager, Intervale Compost Project
"Don't Treat the Soil Like Dirt: a Case Study of the Intervale Compost Project"

Spring 1999

Norm Cushman, Middlebury College Facilities Management
"Compost: Because a Rind is a Terrible Thing to Waste"

Mary Gaudette, Environmental Studies Program
"Effects of Landscape and Site Characteristics on Wetland Songbird Communities in Central Pennsylvania"

Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Vermont State Climatologist, UVM
"The Faces of Flooding in Vermont: Towards an Updated Hydroclimatology for the State"

Scott Jones, Center for Northern Studies
"Arctic Ecotourism"

Peter Ryan, Environmental Studies/Geology, Middlebury College
"Recent Undergraduate Research into the Geochemisty of Acid Mine Drainage and Wetlands Associated With Frog Malformalities in Vermont"

John Roe, Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy of Vermont
"Atlas Timberlands Partnership: An Update & Discussion of Sustainable Forestry"

Andrea Olsen, Environmental Studies/Dance Department
"Body & Earth: Connecting Person and Place"

Gretchen Hund '79, Battelle Environmental Policy & Management
"The Role Technology and Policy Play in Addressing Failed Infrastructures: A Look into Radioactive Waste Issues in the Former Soviet Union"

Rebecca Judge, Environmental Studies/Economics
"Environmental Justice: What Can We Say About the Distribution of Economic Equality?"

Alec Webb, Director, Shelburne Farms
"Shelburne Farms: A Place and an Idea"

Senior Thesis Presentations by Environmental Studies Majors

Fall 1998

Steve Trombulak, Director of Environmental Studies Program, Introductory Remarks

Elizabeth Courtney, Executive Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council
"What Does Environmental Sustainability Mean for Vermont?"

Andrea Lloyd, Assistant Professor of Biology
"Impacts of Climate Change on the Boreal Forest in Alaska"

Nicolas Tuff '99
Senior Thesis Presentation, Video: A Prayer for the Wild

John DeVillars, New England Regional Director, US Environmental Protection Agency
"A New Generation of Environmental Policy Making"

Kathy Morse, Assistant Professor of History
"Environmental History in Alaska: A Report from the Field"

David Brynn, Addison County Forester
"Vermont Family Forests' Green Certification Project"

Karin Sheldon, Associate Professor, Vermont Law School
"Reintroducing Wolves to Yellowstone: Reparation or Illegal Action?"

Virginia Farley, Champlain Regional Director, Vermont Land Trust
"Why Save Land? A discussion on Land Conservation"

John Elder, English & Environmental Studies Professor
Excerpts from Reading the Mountains of Home

John Mauro '98.5 and Todd Champagne '98.5
Senior Thesis Presentations

Program in Environmental Studies

Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest
531 College Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753