ENVS 0360: Environmental Science Practicum

Course Description: The focus of this course is a group research project designed to answer a specific question in the environmental sciences that involves integration of information and techniques across the disciplines of biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. The specific project will change from year to year, but may include investigation of questions related to water quality, soil chemistry, and forest ecology. The goals will be to gain experience with the skills necessary to conduct research in the environmental sciences, acquire a practical understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science, and develop an appreciation for the power of scientific methodology to answer questions about the environmental effects of human activities.

Past Projects:

Spring 2009 - Professor Costanza-Robinson

Maple from the Ground Up: The Role of Place in Distinguishing Sap

Spring 2007 - Professor Costanza-Robinson

Geochemical investigation of Vermont maple syrup in the context of terroir

Spring 2004 - Professors Ryan & Trombulak

Tree growth and soil chemistry in the Green Mountains of Vermont: An evaluation of forest sensitivity to acid deposition

Spring 2002 - Professors Ryan & Trombulak

A Survey of Groundwater Composition of North Addison County, Vermont: Geologic Sources of Contamination

Program in Environmental Studies

Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest
531 College Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753