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David Miranda Hardy

Assistant Professor of Film and Media Culture

 work(802) 443-5844
 Spring term: Wednesday & Friday 9:30-11:00 a.m, or by appointment
 Axinn Center

FMMC Assistant Professor David Miranda Hardy is a Chilean filmmaker and sound designer, with an MFA in Film from Temple University in Philadelphia, where he resided for 5 years with a Fulbright Scholarship. David has taught Sound for Film, Screewriting and Directing in Chile, Cuba (EICTV) and in the USA.

Professor Miranda Hardy is the head of the Contents Department at Filmosonido Chile, where he was the show-runner for Bala Loca (Stray Bullet, 2016), a 10-episode miniseries broadcast by Turner-owned Chilevision. The show was nominated for a Best Series at the Platino Awards 2017 and is now distributed by Netflix.

Watch Bala Loca on Netflix here.

New York Times recommending Bala Loca here.

And an interview with Variety, here.

Bala Loca Promo

Mr. Miranda Hardy has worked as mixer and sound designer for over 70 feature films from Latin America, for directors like Lucrecia Martel, Andrés Wood, Francisco Lombardi and Lisandro Alonso. Recently he designed sound for Martín Rejtman's Two Shots Fired (2014), and official selection at the Locarno Film Festival and Pablo Larraín’s Jackie (2016), Best Screenplay at this year’s Venice Film Festival and nominated for 3 Oscars.

Natalie Portman as Jackeline Kennedy



Course List: 

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FMMC 0105 - Sight and Sound I      

Sight and Sound I
In this course students will gain a theoretical understanding of the ways moving images and sounds communicate, as well as practical experience creating time-based work. We will study examples of moving images as we use cameras, sound recorders, and non-linear editing software to produce our own series of short works. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the possibilities of the medium through experimentation, analysis, and detailed feedback while exploring different facets of cinematic communication. Open to FMMC majors only. (FMMC 0101, or FMMC 0102, or approval of instructor) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab ART

Fall 2019

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FMMC 0106 / CRWR 0106 - Writing for the Screen I      

Writing for the Screen I
In this course we will examine the fundamental elements of dramatic narrative as they relate to visual storytelling. We will emphasize the process of generating original story material and learning the craft of screenwriting, including topics such as story, outline, scene structure, subtext, character objectives, formatting standards, and narrative strategies. Weekly writing assignments will emphasize visual storytelling techniques, tone and atmosphere, character relationships, and dialogue. Students will be required to complete one short screenplay. Required readings will inform and accompany close study of selected screenplays and short films. This class will require some streaming of video material. (FMMC 0101 OR CRWR 0170 or approval of instructor) (Formerly FMMC/ENAM 0106) 3 hrs. sem. ART

Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2019

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FMMC 0320 - Directing for the Screen      

Directing Strategies: From Paper to Screen
In this course we will examine the creative processes involved in directing dramatic material for the screen, with emphasis on the specificity of our medium. Through rigorous analysis of existing media, we will understand the dramatic and interpretative choices made by film writers, directors, and editors. Through hands-on exercises, we will develop scene analysis techniques, rehearsal methodologies, and pre-visualization strategies. Students will apply these skills to the directing of dramatic scenes. (FMMC 0105) 3 hrs. Lect., 3 hrs. Lab

Spring 2018

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FMMC 0335 - Sight and Sound II      

Sight and Sound II
In this course students will work in teams to produce several short films, having the opportunity to take turns at fulfilling all the essential crew positions: director, producer, cinematographer, production sound mixer, editor, and sound designer. We will emphasize thorough pre-production planning, scene design, cinematography, working with actors, and post production —including color correction and sound mixing. The critical dialogue established in FMMC 0105 Sight and Sound I will be extended and augmented with readings and screenings of outstanding independently produced work. (FMMC 0105) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab. ART

Fall 2016

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FMMC 0341 / CRWR 0341 - Writing for the Screen II      

Writing for the Screen II
Building on the skills acquired in Writing for the Screen I, students will complete the first drafts of their feature-length screenplay. Class discussion will focus on feature screenplay structure and theme development using feature films and screenplays. Each participant in the class will practice pitching, writing coverage, and outlining, culminating in a draft of a feature length script. (FMMC 0106) 3 hrs. sem/3 hrs. screen. ART

Spring 2017

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FMMC 0346 - Special Topics MediaProduction      

Special Topics in Media Production
Topic is determined by the instructor - refer to section for the course description. ART

Fall 2017, Spring 2020

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FMMC 0507 - Independent Project      

Advanced Independent work in Film and Media Culture
Consult with a Film and Media Culture faculty member for guidelines.

Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Spring 2021

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FMMC 0700 - Senior Tutorial      

Senior Tutorial
All FMMC majors must complete this course in their senior year, during which they undertake the process of devising, researching, and developing the early drafts and materials for an independent project in Film and Media in their choice of medium and format. Students will be poised to produce and complete these projects during Winter Term, via an optional but recommended independent study. Prerequisites for projects in specific formats are outlined on the departmental website.

Spring 2017, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021

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FMMC 0707 - Senior Independent Work      

Senior Independent Work
After completing FMMC 0700, seniors may be approved to complete the project they developed during the previous Fall semester by registering for this independent course during the Winter Term, typically supervised by their faculty member from FMMC 0700. Students will complete an independent project in a choice of medium and format, as outlined on the departmental website. This course does not count toward the required number of credits for majors, but is required to be considered for departmental honors. In exceptional cases, students may petition to complete their projects during Spring semester.

Winter 2017, Winter 2018, Winter 2019, Winter 2020, Winter 2021

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FMMC 1020 - Collaborative Video Projects      

Collaborative Video Projects
In this course groups of students will organize, devise, and produce original video projects concluding with a public screening. Students must request approval from the instructor prior to winter term registration via the application on the FMMC website. Students must do significant preproduction before January. Projects will be self-guided with oversight from the faculty, and subject to peer review. (Pass/Fail; Approval required) WTR

Winter 2018

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FMMC 1135 - Script Development      

Script Development Workshop
This course is organized in conjunction with the Middlebury Script Lab, a screenwriting residential workshop that brings together emerging screenwriters and established industry professionals. The students will attend screenwriting workshops, masterclasses and informal meetings with visiting writers and producers. Students will explore ideation techniques, finding a story that is appropriate for a feature length script, outlining and pitching. We will discuss dramatic structure in depth and explore the high-concept potential of your screenplay ideas, examining their aesthetic as well as their business possibilities. We will assemble a pitching packet for your projects, including synopsis, logline, mood board and fantasy casting. At the conclusion of this class, you will have a solid outline supported by pitching materials and a clear overview of your material. The class makes an excellent preparation for students who want to take FMMC 0341 Writing for the Screen II or who plan to write a screenplay for their senior tutorial. (FMMC 0106 or instructor approval)  ART WTR

Winter 2020

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FYSE 1542 - Autobiographical Filmmaking      

It's not you, it's me. Autobiographical Explorations in Film
In this seminar we will study a range of autobiographical practices in audiovisual media to examine how filmmakers have used the self as a starting point to explore universal issues like the essence of family bonds, finding love, or understanding their identity. Experimental practices (like Jonas Mekas’ Diaries), fictionalized accounts (Mike Mills’ Beginners), and documentary strategies (Daniel Khan’s My Architect and Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell) will inform our own creative processes and explorations. Through close readings, critical papers, and our own pieces, we will attempt to better understand the world and who we are in it. Note to students: this course involves substantial streaming of films for assigned viewing. 3 hrs. sem. ART CW

Fall 2020

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INDE 0800 - Ind Schol Sr Work/Proj/Thesis      

Fall 2019, Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021

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