Math Course Selection

What courses are open to first-year students?
First-year students have several options for their first math course at Middlebury. Depending on prior preparation, academic interests, and other goals, most students choose a course from the following list:

INTD/MATH 0100   A World of Mathematics (Fall)*
MATH/EDST 0109   Mathematics for Teachers (Spring)*
MATH 0116            Introduction to Statistical Science (Spring)*
MATH 0121            Calculus I (Fall, Spring)*
MATH 0122            Calculus II (Fall, Spring)     
MATH 0200            Linear Algebra (Fall, Spring)
MATH 0223            Multivariable Calculus (Fall, Spring)
MATH 0225            Topics in Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Fall)
MATH 0241             Elementary Number Theory (Fall)
General guidelines
Students who have not taken calculus and have a solid foundation in precalculus often start with MATH 0121 or MATH 0116. Depending on prior course work and other factors (for example, AP exams, IB program, A-levels), students who have taken calculus in high school usually start with MATH 0122, or MATH 0200.
INTD/MATH 0100 is appropriate for students who will want (or need) to take calculus or statistics at some point, but who would benefit from an opportunity to firm up their mathematical foundation. It is a particularly good choice for students who took precalculus (or equivalent) in high school but do not feel confident about the concepts and/or methods (including algebra), or who have not taken precalculus. (Any such students who plan to take calculus at Middlebury should consider taking precalculus over the summer.)
*Math 109 is a permission-only course.  Priority is given to students with a demonstrated interest, such as a previous EDST course or tutoring experience, in teaching mathematics.  Students simply looking to fulfill a DED requirement would be better served by MATH 100, MATH 116, or the appropriate course in the sequence starting with MATH 121.
Why take mathematics during your first year?
To keep math concepts, skills, and "ways of thinking" fresh, students are encouraged to continue with mathematics. After a gap of over a year in coursework, it is significantly more challenging to succeed in math and other quantitative-based courses. Since many of Middebury's Majors, Minors, and other Academic Programs have a quantitative course requirement, taking math in the first year is often a very practical choice.
Complete descriptions of the above courses, including prerequisites, are available in the Middlebury Course Catalog. If you have questions about Advanced Placement credits or International Baccalaureate Equivalents, please consult the Mathematics Department website.