Resources for Faculty Teaching First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminar topics change from year to year, are selected by the individual professor, and generally reflect that faculty member's research interests or an area of expertise not directly addressed in departmental courses. First-Year Seminars are not survey courses. Rather they are designed to inspire students' intellectual curiosity in a particular subject, and to encourage them to pursue a focused interest in depth.

Many seminars offer interdisciplinary perspectives; most include activities outside the classroom; all seminars help students develop their thinking, writing, and speaking skills. Seminar faculty serve as students' academic advisers for their first three semesters at Middlebury.

The Writing Center offers support for faculty using a Writing and Academic Mentor.  For support and advice on teaching first-year seminars, particularly when it comes to the teaching of writing in these courses, please don't hesitate to contact the director of the program, James Berg.

Advising Guide

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Twelve Elements of the Scholarly Essay

Writing Rubric Developed for Teagle Study (Middlebury, 2009)Writing Rubric Developed for Teagle Study (Middlebury, 2009)

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Using a Writing and Academic FYS Mentor in a First-Year Seminar
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