Middlebury Geographic Spring 2013Spring 2013 -Editors:  Andrew Catomeris, Ricky Chen,
Alex Jackman, Kaveh Waddell

"Fish Camp" & "Photo Essay" -Elma Burnham
"Lost Generations..." -Adam Ouriel
"Fiddle Rhythms" -Luke Whelan
"Waterways..." -Morag McKenzie
"Progress will..." -Levi Westerveld
"Kailua..." -Kiana Cateriano
"Hearing History" -Hillary Chutter-Ames
"Lost in Translation" -Syd Schulz

Middlebury Geographic Fall 2012 Fall 2012 Editors: Ricky Chen, Kaveh Waddell

"Climbing Mountains..." -Nate Brown
"A Rock of Penguins" -Syd Schulz
"Lines & Shadows" -Levi Westerveld
"Ndakinna" -Bronwyn Oatley
"Prisoners..." -Andrew Forsthoefel
"My Parisian Streets" -Maia Venturini
"Sights of Growth" -Carson Dietz Hartmann
"Pelicans Take Flight" -Hannah McMeekin, Brittany Thomas

Middlebury Geographic Spring 2012Spring 2012 -Editor: Kyle Hunter

"Faces of..." - Paul Rosenfeld
"Muros..." - Ethan Wolff-Mann
"Namibia's..." - Kento Mizuno, Avery Shawler
"Voices from..." - Alex Geller
"Pura Vida?" - Bronwyn Oatley
"Decay..." - Rebecca Tharp
"Down in the Boondocks" - Josh Swartz
"A Taxi Ride in Amman" -Ricky Chen

Fall 2011 - Editors: Kyle Hunter, Alex Geller  

"Cowboy Conservation" - Elori Kramer
"To Kill or Not to Kill" - Moria Robinson
"Chasing Ghosts..." - Cedar Attanasio
"Hypocrisy of a Traveling..." - Bowen Burditt
"Bordeaux: An Experiential..." - Tim O'Grady
"Old Cheese Sold Here..." - Tyler Nelson
"A Sailor's Life" - Oakley Jackson

Spring 2011 - K. Hunter & R. M-Smith     

"Becoming Dog" - Madison Kahn
"Life in the Clouds" - Matt Cherchio
"Forgive in Cambodia" - Jenny Marks
"City on the Edge" - Daniel Loehr
"One Hundred Klicks..." - Connor Wood
"Map the Colorado..." - Brautigam
"The English Barn" - Roman M-Smyth

Winter 2010 - P. Spyrou, S. Dawson, A. DeGraff

"A Legacy of Harm" - Celine Lim
"Mental Mapping" - Tim O'Grady
"Dubai and the Desert" - Vedika Khanna
"Foreign Self in..." - Catarina Campbell
"Notes on a Train" - Carson D- Hartmann
"Glarofolia" - Peter Spyrou
"Paradoxes of Life..." - Rhiya Trivedi
"Mapping an Island" - Alison DeGraff

Spring 2010 - Edited by Peter Spyrou

"North" - Christian Woodard
"Hidden Cities" - Andrea Jones
"Growing the Future" - Ellie Moore
"Shifting Ice ..." - Lois Parshley
"Snippets of Spain" - Hillary Coleman
"Keeping the Sea..." - Cloe Sasha
"Copperhead" - Emily Allison

Middlebury Geographic CoverSpring 2009 - Created by Peter Spyrou  

"Haight-Ashbury" - Caitlin Sargent
"Maricopa" - Max Kanter
"U.S. Urban Cores" - Jon Schroeder   
"Paris" - Nicolas Sohl
"Dharavi" - Uma Tantri
"Dubrovnik" - Sam Dawson
"Home" - Dave Dolginow

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