Peter Nelson

Professor of Geography

 McCardell Bicentennial Hall 313



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Research Interests

Economic geography
Population migration
Rural restructuring
Urban-rural linkages


Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle
MA, University of Washington, Seattle
BA, Dartmouth College

Selected Publications

Nelson, L., L. Trautman, P. Nelson. 2015. Latino Immigrants and Rural Gentrification: Race, "Illegality," and Precarious Labor Regimes in the United States. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 105:4, 841-858.

Nelson, P. 2011. Commentary: Special Issue of GeoJournal on Amenity Migration, Exurbia, and Emerging Rural Landscapes. GeoJournal 76, 445-446.

Nelson, L. and P. Nelson. 2011. The global rural: Gentrification and linked migration in the United States. Progress in Human Geography. 35, 441-459.

Nelson, P. A. Oberg, L. Nelson. 2010. Rural gentrification and linked migration in the United States.  Journal of Rural Studies. 26:4, 343-352.

Nelson, P.B. and J. Cromartie. 2009. Baby boom migration and its impact on Rural America.  USDA, Economic Research Report #79.

Nelson, P. A. W. Lee, L. Nelson. 2009. Linking Baby Boomer and Latino Migration into rural America – a multi-scaled approach.  Population, Space and Place. 15, 277-293.

Nelson, P. 2008. Life course influences on nonearnings income migration in the United States. Environment and Planning A 40, 2149-2168.

Book Chapters and other Published Reports

Nelson, P. (forthcoming). The geography of rural aging in regional context. In Rural Aging in the 21st Century. Edited by Nina Glasgow and Edna Berry. Springer.

Barker, D. , A. Bonds, J. Devine, L. Jarosz, V. Lawson, L. Nelson, and P. Nelson. 2011. Rural Geographies. In Seattle Geographies, edited by Richard Morrill and Michael Brown. Seattle : University of Washington Press, 71-86.

Nelson, Peter B. 2006. Geographic perspectives on amenity migration across the United States: national, regional, and local perspectives.  In The Amenity Migrants: seeking and sustaining mountains and their cultures.  Edited by Lawrence Moss. Wallingford, UK: CABI press.

Book Reviews

Localist Movements in a Global Economy: Sustainability, Justice, and Urban Development in the United States, by David J. Hess. 2009. Series: Urban and Industrial Environments. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. In Journal of Regional Science 51,1: 210-211. 2011.


Amenities and Rural Development: Theory, Methods, and Public Policy, by Gary Green , Steven Deller, and David Marcouiller.  In Growth and Change 38, 2: 332-336. 2007.

Grants and Fellowships

National Science Foundation with Lise Nelson (no relation) (2009-2012) – Linked migration and changing labor markets in the rural United States - $340,000 to study labor market change in rural areas attracting large numbers of retiring baby boomers and Latino immigrants.

USDA Cooperative Agreement with John Cromartie (2006-2008) – Department of Agriculture. $50,000 to study the effects of baby boom migration on the size and characteristics of rural populations.

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