Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEOG 0320)

This course introduces the structure, concepts, and application of geographic information systems (GIS): computer-based systems designed to process large spatial databases. The productive use of GIS technology in the physical and social sciences, environmental management, and regional planning is investigated through a variety of applied exercises and problems.

Fall 2011

Abadilla, Miles

Andrews, Ali

Belmont Flores, Elsa

Crews, Alyssa

Dietz Hartmann, Carson

Ghosh, Jaya

Goeke, Elissa

Houghton, Marcella

Irby, Kevin

Isbell, Brian

Liu, Jen

Lui, Gillian

Luna, Lisa

Lutz, Esme

Nagel, Leah

Rahlson, Lukas

Rosenblatt, Molly

Silverman, Annika

Sweeney, Martin

Vega-Hutchens, Kiya


Weiland, Terra

Weeks, Flora

Yang, Jue

Spring 2008

Professor: Jeff Howarth

Virginia Shannon

Cully Cavness

Mia Lieb-Lappen

Catherine Klem

Patrick Johnson

Stephanie Joyce

Rachel Pentecost

Ben Meader

Marty Schnure


Department of Geography

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287 Bicentennial Way
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753