Seminar in Geographic Information Systems and Cartography

GEOG 0420

Every two years during the spring semester, the Geography Department offers a Senior Seminar in GIS and Cartography. It is an opportunity for senior geography majors, as well as students from other disciplines, to address topics in GIS and Cartography that are not normally taught during the introductory courses. In addition, students work on furthering their technical skills in both disciplines with a series of labs. Their final project is one of their own choosing that seeks, in some way, to integrate what they have learned both philosophically and technically during the course.

Spring 2008

Professor: Jonathan Schroeder

U.S. census data have long been a vital resource for geographical studies of American population and society. It is only recently, however, that most historical census data have become available in digital form through the National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS), greatly facilitating the mapping and analysis of the data.

The Geography 0420 Seminar in Spring 2008 surveyed advanced methods of spatial data analysis and visualization, examining how such methods can be used to explore long-term trends and patterns in U.S. census data. Each student in the seminar prepared a dataset of historical census data, designed analyses, produced visualizations, and presented findings through a series of web pages.

The student projects reveal many interesting features of historical U.S. population geography. They also provide a glimpse of the range of new possibilities for geographic research enabled by the NHGIS.

View the student projects here.

Spring 2006

Professor: Peter Dana

Department of Geography

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