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Comments from a German TA


Angelina Moll, German TA 2009-10

I am an Education, English, and German major at the University of Mainz, Germany, a partner university of Middlebury College. For the academic year 2009-10 I am also the TA of Middlebury's wonderful German Department. Primarily, I am responsible for the weekly coffee hour, movie nights, and cultural events at the German House. I also assist in teaching the beginning language courses and you will find me at the German language table every day.

But being a TA is so much more than this. As the academic year progressed, I became part of a vibrant community of German students. I made many friends preparing a dinner for 30 people, building our "Berlin Wall" (commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Cold War wall in Berlin) or even just drinking a cup of coffee together. The new German students have all my respect for advancing as fast as they do and it's always a joy working with them.

The great thing about being a TA here is that the students never cease to surprise me with their ideas (like German skiing) and that the department is always encouraging and supporting them. I, too, feel greatly supported by the professors. Looking back at mid-year, this has already been a great experience for me. And looking ahead to another semester at Middlebury, I'm excited about what is coming!


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