Comments from our alumni:

Elizabeth Gordon, '09

(as of winter, 2010, a graduate student in German at Ohio State University)


Coming to Middlebury, I planned on majoring in International Politics and Economics or French or History or Religion or Political Science... it was all very nebulous.  I signed up for a German class in my first semester because I wanted to keep my linguistic options open - I'd taken German in high school and didn't want to forget it, just in case - and was immediately overwhelmed.  I was one of three freshmen in a 400-level seminar, the only student in the class who hadn't spent any significant time in Germany.  Thinking to improve my German, I signed ...[read more]

Pascale LaFountain, 03.5

(as of winter, 2010, a graduate student in German Studies at Harvard University)


When I came to Middlebury, I was determined to major in international environmental studies, but in my first year, I was so excited by the German professors, German Club life, the German House parties, Kaffeestunde, and the language table, that I switched majors and even moved into the German House.

Studying abroad in Mainz was amazing and I met my best friend, Heike, while I was over there.  After loving German theater with Bettina (Matthias), critical theory with Roman (Graf), and my independent study on Green Party politics with Michael Geisler, there was no turning back...[read more]

Philipp Darjes, 01.5

(carrying the Olympic torch in Beijing, 2008)


Middlebury was an awakening.  It was my first year seminar-- a course in literature-- and my first year adviser that awakened a liking for the arts and languages.  So I took more literature and language courses and broadened my exposure to the arts by sampling music and art courses.  Slowly, my choice of courses revealed patterns and took on the shape of a major. I graduated from Middlebury with a double major in Literary Studies and German and a minor in Music.  I decided after Middlebury to pursue a second BA in music.  A series of internships and involvement in extracurricular activities helped me to apply my skills and see potential career paths...[read more]


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