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The Gensler Family Symposium

Feminist scholarship reaches the pinnacle of excitement each year in April when the GSFS Program hosts the Gensler Symposium, graciously sponsored by the Gensler Family.

The Gensler Family Symposium on Feminism in the Global Arena is an annual event that is designed to focus on women’s issues, address the challenges women face in the ever-changing social, economic and political contexts.  It is also designed to address the ever changing roles assigned to women in these changing environments.

The Gensler Family Symposium on Feminism in the Global Arena was established in 2007 by the Gensler Family Foundation.

Gensler Symposium topics include:

2019 — Beyond Intersectionality: Race, Class, and Feminist Futures

Schedule of Events

2018 — Resist! Feminists Respond to Racism

Rosemary Hennessy Keynote Address
Tithi Bhattachary Keynote Address
Q&A from Keynote Addresses

2017 — Sex and the State

2016 — #IntersectionalTV: Mediating Race, Gender & Sexuality

2015 — Punishing Bodies: Feminist Responses to the Carceral State

2014 — Sexual Straightjackets & Queer Escapes

2013 — Body Parts

2011 — The F Word: Feminist Texts, Feminist Lives

2010 — Interrogating Citizenship: Sex, Race, Class, and Regimes of Power

2009 — Sexing Money/Racing Capitalism: Race, Gender, and the Global Economy

2008 — Sex & War

Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

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