GSFS Faculty

Sujata Moorti

Professor of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies

 On Leave for Academic Year 2014-15
 Robert A. Jones '59 House 112

Laurie Essig

Director of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

 Spring 2015: Wednesdays 1:30-3pm, Thursday 9-10:30am or by appointment.
 on leave academic year

Anson Koch-Rein

Vis Asst Prof of Gender, Sexuality, & Fem. Studies

 Fall 2015: Tues 11:00am-noon & Thurs 12:45-2:45pm, or by appointment
 Chellis House 02

Joint Appointments

Cheryl Faraone

Mettler Prof of Theatre, Gender Sexuality Feminist Std

 On Leave Spring 2015
 Mahaney Center for the Arts 325

Kevin Moss

Jean Thomson Fulton Prof of Modern Lang & Literature

 Tues, Wed 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. and by appointment
 FIC 204

Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Chellis House Women's Resource Center
56 Hillcrest Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753