Courses Taught by GSFS Contributing Faculty

Holly Allen

Professor Allen teaches Gender Images in American Popular Culture

Febe Armanios

Professor Armanios teaches  Readings in Middle Eastern History: Women & Islam

Susan Baldridge

Professor Baldridge teaches Human Sexuality

Timothy Billings

Professor Billings teaches Women and 17th Century Theatre

Catherine Cabeen

Professor Cabeen teaches Ethics, Aesthetics, and the Moving Body

Marcia Collear

Professor Collear teaches Psychology of Gender

Armelle Crouzières-Ingenthron

Professor  Crouzières-Ingenthron  teachesWomen's Voices from the Francophone World

Jessica Evans

Professor Evans teaches Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World

Kemi Fuentes-George

Professor Fuentes-George teaches Gender and International Relations

Juana Gamero de Coca

Professor Gamero de Coca teaches Sex, Violence, and Culture and Gender and Violence in the Hispanic World

Roman Graf

Professor Graf teaches Sexing the Canon

Heidi Grasswick

Professor Grasswick teaches Philosophy and Feminism and Feminist Epistemology

Harshita Kamath

Professor Kamath teaches Gender & Sexuality in South Asian Religions

Antonia Losano

Professor Losano teaches Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Literature

Amy Morsman

Professor Morsman teaches A History of Gender in Early America; History of American Women: 1869-1999

Peggy Nelson

Professor Nelson teaches The Family in Contemporary Society

Ellen Oxfeld

Professor Oxfeld teaches Gender, Culture & Power

William Poulin-Deltour

Professor Poulin-Deltour teaches French Sexual Politics

Erin Sassin

Professor Sassin teaches Home, the Way We Live

Paula Schwartz


Yumna Siddiqi

Professor Siddiqi teaches In Different Voices: Postcolonial Writing by Women

Louisa Stein

Professor Stein teaches Gender and Sexuality in  Media;

Theories of Spectatorship, Audience, and Fandom

Marion Wells

Professor Wells teaches Unquiet Minds: Gender and Madness in Literature and Medicine; Gender, Power & Politics on the Early Modern Stage

Linda White

GSFS/PHIL 0234 Philosophy and Feminism

Catharine Wright

WAGS/WRPR 0201 Writing for Social Change

GSFS/CRWR 0172A-Writing Gender & Sexuality


Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Chellis House Women's Resource Center
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Middlebury College
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