Printing, Scanning, Copying, Training

 Some basic info on computers and servers on campus

Where are the printers in Johnson?

JHN 206 is on lowest level of building.  All computers in the JHN 206 Media Lab print to the color printer/copier in that room.  You will need to log in at the machine to release the job.  Your paper-cut account will be charged

JHN 405-C is located outside JHN 407.  This machine scans in color and black and white, but only prints in black and white.

Johnson Plotter is only accessible from the PC within that room and is available to architecture students only.  For instructions, see:  Johnson Plotter Printing and scanning help  and

Smartworks User Guide (software for plotter/printer)  is a recommended resource for training in Adobe Suite Digital software applications (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, as well as intro to AutoCAD, Sketch-up, Blender  See: Go/Lynda

Image File Type Basics

Photoshop image Editing