Middlebury 2011 Solar Decathlon "Self Reliance" house.
Middlebury 2011 Solar Decathlon “Self Reliance” house, on which many architectural studies and environmental studies joint majors worked.

Architecture and Environmental Studies are natural companions.

It is impossible to design good buildings without understanding their relationship to natural systems. It is also impossible to understand the natural environment without knowing how human intervention affects it—both positively and negatively. 

As humans and nature begin to recognize their interdependence, the study of environment takes on a whole new meaning. Architecture and the Environment encourages students to explore these relationships from a variety of perspectives.

See the requirements for the Architecture and the Environment Joint Major.

The United States lags behind most other developed countries in its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the effects of climate change. This is more than a problem for environmental scientists—everyone must participate in restoring harmony and balance to the fragile ecosystems that make our planet habitable. 

In order to effect change at home, it is important for students pursuing the joint major in Architecture and the Environment to take the time to see how communities and cultures all over the world are employing strategies for sustainability. See Study Abroad opportunities.