Cameron Visiting Architect Program

The architectural design studio courses are enriched each year by the integration of a nationally renowned visiting architect, who works directly with the students.  This  offers  our students yet another  'voice' in the studio and exposure to the real-world practice of architecture.  

Recent Cameron Visiting Architects: 

Peter Ker Walker 2015

Dan Rockhill 2014

Melanie Ide 2014

William Massie 2014

Vito Acconci 2013

Merill Elam 2013

Jorge Silvetti 2012

Carl Frederik Svenstedt 2012

Ted Flato 2012

Billie Tsien 2011

Kochiro Aitani 2011

Librero Andretti & Virginie Sougy 2011

Susanna Drake 2011

Brian Mackay Lyons 2011

Turner Brooks 2011

Jim Cutler 2010

Brian Healy 2009

Marlon Blackwell 2008

Architectural Studies Track

Pieter Broucke, Track Head
Monica Carroll, Coordinator

Johnson Memorial Building
78 Chateau Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753