Cameron Visiting Architect Program

The architectural design studio courses are enriched each year by the integration of a nationally renowned visiting architect, who works directly with the students.  This  offers  our students yet another  'voice' in the studio and exposure to the real-world practice of architecture.  

Recent Cameron Visiting Architects: 

Dan Rockhill 2014

Melanie Ide 2014

Vito Acconci 2013

Merill Elam 2013

Jorge Silvetti 2012

Carl Frederik Svenstedt 2012

Ted Flato 2012

Billie Tsien 2011

Kochiro Aitani 2011

Librero Andretti & Virginie Sougy 2011

Susanna Drake 2011

Brian Mackay Lyons 2011

Turner Brooks 2011

Jim Cutler 2010

Brian Healy 2009

Marlon Blackwell 2008