Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Track Requirements

  1. Introductory course

One of the following: GSFS 0191, 0200, 0289

  1. Feminist Theory: GSFS 0320
  2. One course pertaining to the intersection of race and gender, taken from the Critical Race Studies breadth requirement (see below)
  3. Two courses pertaining to transnational concerns taken from the Transnational/National Feminism breadth requirement: one of these courses should be taken during the study abroad semester. (see below)

Critical Race Studies

AMST/GSFS 0204     Black Comic Culture

AMST/GSFS 0208     Unruly Bodies: Black Womanhood in Popular Culture

AMST 0224     Race and Ethnicity in the US

GSFS 0262     Mobile Women

GSFS/AMST 0269     Beyond Intersectionality: Developing Anti-Racist & Anti-Capitalist Feminisms

GSFS/WRPR 0303     Outlaw Women

GSFS 0313     White People

GSFS 0329     Politics of Reproduction

PGSE 0340     Race, Sex, Power/Lusophone

SOAN 0376     Politics of Identity

GSFS 0425     Men and Masculinities

GSFS 0430     Queering Food: Race, Place and Social Justice

PSCI 0458     Race, Gender, and Class Politics


Transnational/National Feminism

ENVS 0209     Gender Health Environment

ARAB 0220     Arab Women’s Literature

ARBC/GSFS 0235     Gender Politics in Arab World (previously 0328)

HEBM 0236    Israel from the Margins

JAPN 0245      Women’s Activism in Japan

JAPN 0250      Gender in Japan

ENAM/GSFS 0254     American Women Poets

GSFS 0261       Globalizing Gender

GSFS 0262      Mobile Women

FMMC 0264     Indian Cinema

GSFS/WRPR 0303     Outlaw Women

SOAN 0304     Gender, Culture, Power

AMST/GSFS 0325     American Misogyny

ARAB 0328     Gender Politics in Arab World

GSFS 0329     Politics of Reproduction

GSFS/CHNS 0331     Love and Sexuality in Traditional Chinese Literature

FREN/GSFS 0332     Body Politics & French Fiction

GSFS 0334     Hispanic Philippines

ARBC/GSFS 0335     Gender & Migration in Modern Arabic Literature and Cinema

PGSE 0340      Race, Sex, Power/Lusophone

GSFS 0341      Gender Sexuality in South Asia

SPAN 0343      Comparative Borderlands

FREN 0344     Women in French Historical Films

PGSE 0356      Murdered Women: Portugal and Brazil

SOAN 0361     Anthropology of Pakistan

ENAM 0371     Postcolonial Women Writers

PSCI 0372       Gender and International Relations

SPAN 0382      Two Female Mexican Icons      

RELI 0384       Women, Religion, & Ethnography       

SPAN 0388      Gender/Violence-Hispanic World       

GSFS 0405       iFeminism/Viral Global Activism      

GSFS 0406       The Global Sixties      

GSFS 0430     Queering Food: Race, Place and Social Justice

HIST/GSFS 0438       Readings in Middle Eastern History

SPAN/GSFS 0440      Reggaeton: Lang, Gender, Identity       

ENVS/GSFS 0442     Global Feminist Conversation

HIST 0443       Readings in African History       



Program in International and Global Studies

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