Ebooks & Audiobooks

Middlebury College has access to hundreds of thousands of ebooks and audiobooks. Get started with these frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Where do I find ebooks?

Our ebooks are listed in Summon and MIDCAT. Many of our larger collections can be searched separately too. We've listed a few here:

General academic ebooks

ProQuest Ebooks A collection of about 155,000 academic ebooks.

EBL "Ebook Library" purchased access to about 12,000 ebooks in several languages. (go/ebl)

Science and technology ebooks

SpringerLink 53,000 ebooks in the fields of science, technology, and medicine. (go/springer)

Popular ebooks and audiobooks

Overdrive eBooks & Audiobooks popular and award-winning fiction and non-fiction. (go/books2go). For help getting started and how-to videos visit Overdrive Help.

Humanities, languages, and historical collections

Early English Books Online (EEBO) virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America from 1473-1700. (go/eebo)

Early American Imprints (1639-1819) virtually every book, pamphlet and broadside published in America over 180 years.

e-libro: Over 45,000 texts of Spanish language books, research papers, and thesis.

I'm not affiliated with Middlebury College. Can I read the Library's ebooks?

Generally, our ebooks are restricted to Middlebury College community members with user ID and password credentials. However, a few of our ebook collections are accessible at the Davis Family Library at our public computers. In these cases, you'll have an option of logging in as a "guest user." As a guest, you will have access to tens of thousands of ebooks for a 24-hour loan period.

Where do I find audiobooks?

In Summon and MIDCAT

Or browse downloadable audiobooks through Overdrive (go/books2go or go/audiobooks). These audiobooks can be played on a computer, a portable mp3 player, or mobile device. You can also browse audiobooks on CDs and downloadable audiobooks together by following this link to a MIDCAT search.

Do I need special software to read ebooks?

For the large majority of our ebooks, you'll need only a web browser and Internet connection. If you want to download and read ebooks offline see the next FAQ: "How do I download ebooks, read them offline, and move them to other devices?"

Here's a short list of free software downloads that will let you read e-books on your desktop or laptop:

How do I download ebooks, read them offline, and move them to other devices?

Many of our ebooks can be downloaded, moved between devices, and read offline. You will need special (free) software for that:

Adobe Digital Editions is required to download many ebooks for reading offline, moving between devices, and printing. For more help with downloading and moving books between devices, follow our instructions for ebook Downloading.

OverDrive®, a collection of ebooks and audiobooks, has a slew of options. Visit Overdrive to learn about reading online, and downloading to most devices under the sun.

Download the free Amazon Kindle Reading App for most smartphones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers.

How do I use EBSCO ebooks?

See this handy Library blog post for instructions and screenshots.

Can I read ebooks on my Kindle? Nook? iPad?

In some cases, yes! You'll find ebooks for the Kindle, Kindle App, Nook, and other compatible devices in Overdrive (go/books2go).

If your device has a web browser (like a smartphone or tablet) you can read all of our ebooks online. Printing and offline reading require some extra finagling. See the next FAQ "Can I print pages from ebooks?" for more details.

Can I print pages from ebooks?

In most cases, printing is straightforward, though sometimes limited to a  percentage of an entire book due to copyright laws.  Generally, our ebooks keep track of your printing so that you don't need to. Whenever you want to print, look for a "help" button or printing icon to find step-by-step directions. 

Where can I find more ebooks and audiobooks (especially free ones)?

Millions of older, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books exist online. Take advantage of them! Here are a few:

Free eBooks

Kindle Popular Classics from Amazon

HathiTrust Over 3 million works available as full-text ebooks.

Internet Archive
 over 2.5 million free ebooks to read and download

Open Library over 1 million ebooks published between 1008 & 9999

Project Gutenberg over 50,000 free ebooks

Free Audiobooks


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