College Choir Auditions

The College Choir is an auditioned choral ensemble of Middlebury College.

Auditions last about 15 minutes. Singers in College Choir are expected to be familiar with reading music and have some experience singing, but specific previous experience in choirs is not a requirement. College Choir seeks students who are enthusiastic towards participating in an ensemble. Singers should be prepared to commit to rehearsals and performances outlined on the College Choir web page and syllabus.

Sight reading ability is not graded or required but the College Choir does learn its repertoire from the printed page in most cases. Rather than a reading ability requirement, we audition to make sure all singers are at a relatively similar level of comfort reading music, so rehearsals flow smoothly and singers feel support and accomplishment. 

A linked file below (TBD) is requested, but not required, as preparation for auditions. (This preparation can replace the sight reading part of the audition.) Please prepare if possible one voice part, any section or all of the piece.

Feb 2017 auditions by appointment

Feb 1st year students, and students who have not before auditioned for College Choir are welcome to contact Professor Buettner to set up an audition. General information is below, but you do not need to prepare the example listed.

Preference is for the first week of classes, later auditions may be possible depending on space availabilty.

Please contact / x5938 if you are interested!

Department of Music

Mahaney Center for the Arts
72 Porter Field Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753