The College Choir is an auditioned choral ensemble of Middlebury College students, conducted by Jeffrey Buettner, Director of Choral Activities and Christian A. Johnson Professor of Music.

Audition for College Choir

Auditions are open for all voice parts! Spring auditions are by appointment, February 12-15:

Monday and Wednesday 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Thursday 12:30 - 2:30 PM

Friday tentative/as needed.

Please email to request a time. Auditions are scheduled in 30-minute increments (:15 or :45 may be feasible as well).

Professor Buettner will update availability whenever possible!


The initial individual audition lasts about 20 minutes, and includes

  • conversation about your goals in joining the College Choir community,
  • vocal warm up, and
  • singing music excerpts with the conductor.

A prepared solo is not a part of the audition. Please see the schedule below after you read the following information!


  • Firm commitment to the rehearsal schedule (M/W 4:30-6:30 PM) and all performances
  • Prioritizing of College Choir events highly amidst other extra-curricular activities (choral singing is ensemble singing - you need to be there)
  • Familiarity reading music
  • Some experience singing in choirs

Reading Notated Music

The College Choir learns most of their repertoire from the printed page, including music notation. This audition helps ensure all singers are reasonably and similarly comfortable with music notation in the context of ensemble rehearsals. This makes rehearsal efficient, and means that singers feel supported as well as challenged, and that ensemble members strive for a generally similar level of accomplishment in their work in the Choir. We seek to nurture an ensemble of similar experiences and goals in choral music.

Spring Auditions

Spring auditions are by appointment with the conductor. Students interested in joining College Choir are welcome to audition in January (as available) or the first week of spring semester. After the first week of spring semester, auditions may be closed, but you are still welcome to inquire! Students joining in spring should note the general expectation that the choir remain on campus during Senior Week. In years when the choir tours in May/June, new students may be required to commit rather quickly about cost and logistics of choir travel.

The choral pieces below are suggested as preparation for auditions. If possible, please prepare one voice part, any section or all of the piece, or as noted by the links below. Singers who can and will prepare themselves to even a modest extent are extremely helpful in a choir!

Please know that the audition excerpts are not demonstrative of the breadth of the repertoire, rather they are traditional pieces for the choir, and represent generally solid choral singing.

Audition Excerpts

Option 1: Peace I Leave With You (Amy Beach). You can find many recordings on YouTube, including those with scrolling score.

Option 2: Justorum animae is for students with fairly extensive choral music background. Feel free to try it, regardless of how well you think you might learn it—all efforts are appreciated! You may prepare only bars 1-15 if you wish.

Audition Audio

Lassus - Justorum animae - bass.mp3

Lassus - Justorum animae - tenor.mp3

Lassus - Justorum animae - alto.mp3

Lassus - Justorum animae - sop 2.mp3

Lassus - Justorum animae - sop 1.mp3