Chamber Music performance.
Middlebury’s Chamber Music ensemble is one of the many ways the Music Department helps students develop skills and knowledge in the creative study and performance of music with a global perspective.

The department fosters the creation of chamber music groups on campus by offering coaching and performance opportunities.

Students who want to play in a chamber music ensemble are required to audition, in order to ensure placement in an appropriate group.

Chamber music groups are offered free coaching by the music department’s applied faculty. Schedules will be designed around the availability of the students in each group, and participating students will be asked to commit to attending at least eight coachings during the semester and to practicing individually to master their own parts.

Middlebury College Chamber Music placement is open to pianists and to players of all orchestral instruments:

  • Strings
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Percussion

Performing Chamber Music Course

MUSC 0240 is for intermediate to advanced performers. We will explore the art of collaborative music making in the classical tradition. Students will form small vocal and instrumental ensembles (2–6 players) at the beginning of the semester or may enroll in the course as an established ensemble. Repertoire will be determined in collaboration with instructor. Weekly coaching sessions for each group and master classes for all groups will culminate in at least one end-of-semester performance and writing assignment. In addition to technical performance issues, master classes and readings will consider group dynamics, rehearsal techniques, and interpersonal aspects of musical collaboration. Although previous chamber music experience is not required, students should be experienced performers of notation-based music. 3 hrs. lect./disc. ART (Staff)


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