These College Choir members have temporarily left their Choir colleagues at Middlebury for adventures elsewhere:

(in their own words)


Annie Beliveau '18

(Annie Beliveau '18 front 3rd from right)

Annie is studying abroad at the Middlebury-CMRS program in Oxford, England. She studies composition and early music, as well as literature, philosophy, and Old French. Her current research project looks at manuscript sources of English plainchant from around 1500, so she's been learning a lot about old Latin abbreviations and different kinds of neumes. She's interested in building a theory of what makes a single line of music work without harmony.

Annie sings three times a week with Keble College Choir and sometimes as a "dep" (substitute) in several other choirs around Oxford. With Keble Choir, she's been fortunate enough to tour to Hong Kong and Singapore. Though historically an alto, she has been singing mostly soprano this year. In her free time she enjoys cooking without a recipe.

Baritone Tevan Goldberg '18 managed to squeeze a significant amount of singing out of his short time at Middlebury's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Oxford University. As a member of the Keble College Chapel Choir, he sang two Anglican services a week in Keble's magnificent neo-Gothic Butterworth Chapel, which he is pictured in front of. The Keble choir also performed Bach's B Minor Mass as part of the college's Early Music Festival, joined by two other college choirs and the Instruments of Time and Truth. Additionally, Tevan sang two concerts with the prestigious Oxford Schola Cantorum, the oldest chamber choir at the university; one of these was in Oxford's Christ Church Cathedral, the other at St. Paul's Covent Garden in London. He also sang occasionally in the choir of Oxford's 13th century University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, and in a concert of Monteverdi with a new student-led vocal group. 

I'm studying psychology with DIS in Denmark! I'm taking class in Copenhagen, but I live over an hour away at a 'folk high school' in the northern town of Hillerød with 110 Danish students and 13 other Americans. A folk high school isn't a high school, but a pre-university program where Danes can get an alternative liberal arts education/more practical life experience with no exams or grades before choosing a university track. While my classes in Copenhagen are interesting and I'm learning a lot, my favorite part of the day is always returning home to the folk high school, where we all eat dinner together, play games, and hang out for hours. I'm eating many croissants, studying Danish (which, when speaking, sounds like you're choking on a potato), and traveling often. I've seen my friend in a Norwegian musical, revisited my febmester home in Switzerland, and am about to go to Poland to study positive psychology. I also joined an all Danish choir at the folk high School (college choir prepared me for this! Nothing can be weirder than singing about dung in Estonian). This scratches the choral itch, but doesn't compare to singing with all of you. Happy over here, but very much looking forward to seeing you all again!

Bryce Williamson '18

(Not pictured: Bryce Williamson '18)

I'm currently studying abroad in Poitiers, France for the spring semester and it is an absolutely fantastic place!  The highlights have been the French language immersion and my host family, which sort of go hand in hand.  I sing in the town choir which is an unauditioned group of about  80 singers of all ages.  I'm missing Middlebury some but France is most definitely the place to be for me right now.

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