If ye love me - Thomas Tallis

Sample from Renaissance polyphonic repertoire. This is not necessarily repertoire for the course and does not demonstrate nearly the breadth of the repertoire. Rather, it is a reading sample to gauge comfort level with the printed page of music.

In the first class (possibly before), the class ensemble will look at a variety of possibile repertoire and choose about 12 pieces or ideas to sing. Then, we will all prepare the music over the course of the semester, including some research of cultural or contextual background and singing style.

The repertoire should include

  • folk music, from arrangements or arranged by the ensemble;
  • music of the Western canon, including Medieval, Renaissance, and modern or alt-Classical;
  • improvised music.

The course culminates in a public performance.

Please contact Professor Buettner, buettner@middlebury.edu with any questions!

MUSC 0246 score reading requirements

If you wish to enroll in MUSC 0246, "A Cappella Ensemble Performance" you must be proficient in music reading to the extent that you can prepare the excerpts below on your own, outside of class. Class time is devoted instead to discussion of relevant topics and rehearsal of the music and relevant technique or performance practice.

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