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Alan and Joyce Beucher Concerto Competition

The Alan and Joyce Beucher
Concerto Competition


  • Eligibility:
  • The competition is open to all members of the student community of Middlebury College in good standing at the time of the competition. 
  • The competition is open to instrumentalists and vocalists.
  • Winners from previous years are not eligible to participate.



  • There is no specified repertoire. Choice of repertoire is up to the participant. However, there are guidelines to be borne in mind:


Repertoire guidelines:

  • The goal of the competition is to find a winner who can perform in the March concert of the Middlebury College Orchestra
  • This is a standard classical-music orchestra of variable size. So the repertoire offered should be practicable and performable by such a group. 
  • Concerti of great length will be excerpted for the concert, the winner probably playing a single movement. 
  • Vocalists, pianists, players of orchestral instruments, and players of any other instruments for which there is repertoire suitable for the March concert are welcome to participate.
  • If a candidate is quite outstanding, but auditions with repertoire that is, for one reason or another, not practicable for the concert, a repertoire change may be negotiated. However, this possibility should not be regarded as an option available as a matter of course.



  • The auditions will take place in the Concert Hall, Mahaney Center for the Arts, before a panel of external judges to be announced. 
  • The auditions are closed, and not open to observers.
  • The panel of judges will announce their verdict and decisions by 8:00 pm. that evening. The result will be posted on the notice in the Music Department, on the Middlebury College web page of the Music Department, and will be sent by email to all participants, and others who request that information.

Entry Application

  • To enter the competition, please contact Evan Bennett, or send him a copy of the form below.
    You can download the form as a pdf file.
  • Upon receipt of your application, you will be assigned a time for your audition. 
  • Feel free to discuss the suitability of repertoire, and the convenience of audition times, and anything else about the competition, with your instrumental teacher, and with Andrew Massey.



Alan and Joyce Beucher Concerto Competition



Class of  __________________________________

Instrument or Voice __________________________________

Repertoire offered ___________________________________

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Date of this application__________________________________

please submit this to Andrew Massey - Music Department, Mahaney Center,


The Alan and Joyce Beucher Concerto Competition was established by a gift from Susan Beucher Cady and George L. Cady '72, P '08, '11, in honor of Susan's parents. Alan and Joyce Beucher both had careers in music: Alan was the Master of Ceremonies for Radio City Music Hall where he sang and introduced the Rockettes for more than 20,000 performances; and Joyce taught elementary school music and performed choral works on Long Island.

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