Neuroscience Major Worksheet

For the NSCI curriculum beginning 2015-16, use this worksheet to keep track of your major requirements.


Thesis Intent Form:

If you are interested in conducting a thesis during your senior year, please read the relevant section of the catalog to be sure that you are eligible for a thesis. This section will advise you about the components of the thesis process, as well as the GPA requirement for conducting a senior thesis.

Thesis Declaration form:

Turn in to Joanna Shipley in MBH 375 no later than the last day of classes, in the final semester of NSCI 0500 or 0700, prior to taking NSCI 0701. This form is intended to verify that you have reached an agreement on a potential thesis topic with a thesis advisor, that your topic is appropriate for a Neuroscience thesis (i.e., it advances understanding of the operation of the nervous system and the mind), and that at least two members of the Neuroscience faculty are on your thesis committee.

Student Reimbursement form

Use for mileage and/or out of pocket expenses.  Original receipts must accompany the form.

Purchase Request form

For Neuroscience faculty, staff and students. 

Program in Neuroscience

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