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Philosophy, one of the oldest and broadest disciplines, is a living intellectual enterprise that belongs at the heart of a liberal arts education. From the Greek, philosophia means 'love of wisdom,' and in that sense of the term, Socrates famously said that philosophy proved necessary for leading 'the examined life.' From its ancient origins to our own times, philosophy has always guided our thinking about difficult and controversial issues by allowing us to question assumptions, to examine arguments, and to think clearly and creatively about the most fundamental questions.

 Prof. Woodruff, Prof. Khalifa, Prof. Besser-Jones, Prof. Grasswick, Prof. Viner and Prof. Spackman

Philosophical commitments lie at the foundation of law, government, science, art, and moral debates. Professors of philosophy at Middlebury represent a diversity of research fields and teaching areas; students benefit from this diversity by studying both classics from across the history of philosophy and a wide range of contemporary topics.

Majors in philosophy gain outstanding preparation for graduate study and law school, as well as for medicine, business, and many other professions.

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