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Student Awards and Prizes

Jon M. Groetzinger and Elinor Lee Groetzinger Award is awarded to a student who is graduating magna cum laude or summa cum laude and who plans to enter law school.  Established in 1998 by bequest of Jon Groetzinger P'71.

2019-2020 Recipient: Kenshin Cho
2018-2019 Recipient:  Dylan Button Salzman
2017-2018 Recipient:  William Christopher McDonald
2016-2017 Recipients:  Day Dakota Robins and Wentao Zhai
2015-2016 Recipient:  Rachel Gabrielle Frank
2014-2015 Recipient:  Taylor Grey Custer
2013-2014 Recipient:  Rachel Hannah Kogan
2012-2013 Recipient:  Benjamin Brink Sweeney
2011-2012 Recipient:  Joshua McIntosh Taylor
2010-2011 Recipient:  Timothy Douglas Miles
2009-2010 Recipient:  Avery Fox White
2008-2009 Recipient:  William Kirby Hackett
2007-2008 Recipient:  Thomas Nardini
2006-2007 Recipients:  Julia Jill Bredrup and Caroline L. Harrington
2005-2006 Recipient:  Katherine Webber Kern
2004-2005 Recipient:  Kiernan McAlpine

The Julian E. and Melba Jarrett Prize is awarded to that graduating Political Science major who excelled in the study of political philosophy, law, and American government. Established in 1982 by Glenn A. Jarrett, '70, in memory of his parents.

2019-2020 Recipients:  Charlie Cacciatore and to Galen Fastie
2018-2019 Recipient:  Caroline Emily Snell
2017-2018 Recipient:  Jonathan Kincheloe Turnage
2016-2017 Recipients: Alexander Khan and Martin Naunov
2015-2016 Recipient:  Rachel Gabrielle Frank
2014-2015 Recipient:  Taylor Gray Custer and Qian Zhe (Danny) Zhang
2013-2014 Recipients:  Jeffrey Hetzel and Rachel Hannah Kogan
2012-2013 Recipient:   Wenbo Zhang
2011-2012 Recipients:  Alyssa Beatrice O'Gallagher and Michael William Polebaum 
2010-2011 Recipient:  Margaret Elizabeth Moslander and Conrad Ellison Trimbath
2009-2010 Recipient:   Heather Pangle
2008-2009 Recipient:   William Kirby Hackett
2007-2008 Recipient:   Conor Shaw
2006-2007 Recipient:   Caroline Harrington
2005-2006 Recipients:  Katherine Neill Doorely and Philip Kehl
2004-2005 Recipients:  Uzair Kayani and Kiernan McAlpine
2003-2004 Recipient:   Giorgi Areshidze
2002-2003 Recipient:   Samia Amin
2001-2002 Recipients:  Peter David Nestor and Jonathan Shapira
2000-2001 Recipients:  David Kenneth Cohen and Stephen Matthew Joyce
1999-2000 Recipients:  Irakly George Areshidze and Tobias Steven Dougherty
1998-1999 Recipient:  Ayse Zarakol
1997-1998 Recipient:  Damjan De Krnjevic Miskovic
1996-1997 Recipient:  Heather Barrett Thompson
1995-1996 Recipients: Justin James Bannett and Samy Karnal Khalil
1994-1995 Recipient:  William Brendan Murphy
1993-1994 Recipient:  Charles Kevin Marshall
1992-1993 Recipient:  Sarah C. Knowles and David Robert Upham
1991-1992 Recipient:  Gavin A. Symes
1990-1991 Recipient:  Mark David Flaherty
1989-1990 Recipient:  Daniel David Northrop
1988-1989 Recipient:  Paul Owen Carrese and Patricia Bauman
1987-1988 Recipient:  Christopher Douglas Hawkins
1986-1987 Recipient:  Edward Andrew Walpin
1985-1986 Recipient:  Dan Michael Kahan
1984-1985 Recipient:  Adam H. Arkel
1983-1984 Recipient:  Melissa Ann Pineault
1982-1983 Recipients: Hugh Kilpatrick Webster and George S. Shively
1981-1982 Recipient:  David Francis Taylor


The C.J. Neil Kvasnak Family Award is awarded to the graduating Political Science major who has excelled in the study of American politics, with special emphasis on state and local politics. Established in 1983 by the C.J. Neil Kvasnak family.

2019-2020 Recipient:  Benjamin Groustra
2018-2019 Recipient:  Abigail Alsop Hinchman
2017-2018 Recipient:  Nora Katherine Novak Lenhard
2016-2017 Recipient:  Katherine Ann Reinmuth
2015-2016 Recipient:  Katherinie Ramsey Hamilton
2014-2015 Recipient:  Kenneth Charles Kunze, III
2013-2014 Recipient:  Annie Kinser Pruitt
2012-2013 Recipient:  Sarah Mikva Pfander
2011-2012 Recipient:  Kathryn Lawlin Strangfeld
2010-2011 Recipient:  Jaime Leigh Fuller and Samuel Rockwood Hoar
2009-2010 Recipient:  Jesse Matthew Shron Gubb
2008-2009 Recipient:  Harriet Fox2004-2005 Recipient: Gregory Eriksen
2007-2008 Recipients: Emily Elisabeth Eliot and my Marie Shepard
2006-2007 Recipient:  Kathryn Anne Babin
2005-2006 Recipient:  Daniel Michael Coriell

The Katerina Kraus Prize recognizes outstanding work by a graduating Political Science major, with a preference for comparative or international politics. Established in 2011 by Lisa Giuffra Diaz ’84 in memory of Katerina Kraus, the late sister of Michael Kraus, Frederick C. Dirks Professor of Political Science at Middlebury.

2019-2020 Recipient:  Grace Vedock
2018-2019 Recipient:  Mary Isabel Trichka
2017-2018 Recipient:  James Patrick Callison
2016-2017 Recipient:  Madelaine Allen Hack
2015-2016 Recipient:  Sarah I. Steinberg
2014-2015 Recipient:  Bree Bella Baccaglini
2013-2014 Recipient:  Max Ivan Kagan
2012-2013 Recipient:  Zoe Marie Hamilton
2011-2012 Recipient:  Kyle McHenry Hunter
2010-2011 Recipient:  Amanda Brezina Lowe