For FYSE Faculty—the documents you need:

Your Four YearsYour Four Years — (planning beyond the first semester)

Distribution WorksheetDistribution Worksheet — (tracking distribution categories)


FYS Advising Tips--Balance and Choosing Courses

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Registration Tips for First Years Fall 2014

Information on the registration process is provided to first-year students on the First Year Web Registration web page (go/fywebreg).  The e-mail sent to students (and FYSE instructors) about registration will be posted below when it is available.

A compilation of resources that may be useful to faculty can be found on the FYSE program website.
An updated list of courses with linked sections follows; this document can also be found on the First Year Web Registration web page.  

<p>Courses with discussions and labs F13</p>fall_2014_courses_with_linked_sections


Course Placement in Mathematics

First-year students and FYSE instructors should contact the chair of the Mathematics Department with questions about initial placement in Mathematics courses.  The department policy on advanced placement can be found on the department website:  http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/math/requirements.  The following document provides an overview of options for Mathematics courses for first-year students.

<p>Updated information (for 2014-15) on Mathematics courses for first-year students</p>fyse_advising_math_placement_info

Writing Program Offerings, Fall 2014

The document below includes information for faculty on Writing Program offerings, tutoring offered through the Writing Center, and contact information for faculty in the Writing Program.

Writing Program Offerings Fall 2014Writing Program Offerings Fall 2014

The Writing Program's best practices for early assessments in writing, including how to make WRPR 0100 recommendations, are described in the document below.

USB drive

Your students will receive a USB drive with documents they need.  You can find a link to those documents here after students arrive.

Information about your International Students

What does an F-1 Visa mean?