Fall E-mail from Kathy Skubikowski

Dear FYSE Advisers:

Here is some advising information for the upcoming registrations:


Your first-year advisees will be registering for Winter Term beginning at 7:00 in the morning on Tuesday, November 8.  Since they are the second group to register, behind the sophomores, this should be a fairly successful experience for them.  They do not need a PIN number, and do not need an advising session with you, but you might want to check in with them briefly on their choices (many of which will be continuing a beginning foreign language) and their results.


The more complex registration process for spring will begin on Thursday, November 10 with the practice round.  Your first-year students should begin planning their spring course selections and practice entering them in Banner between November 10 and noon on November 15 when the practice round closes (no PIN is necessary for practice).  During practice they will discover missing pre-requisites, the need for approvals, and missing pieces of courses—all better discovered in practice than at 7:00 on the morning of Tuesday, November 29 when they actually register.  The peer mentor assigned to your seminar will be trained to work with your students to explain the process and help them practice.  Yonna McShane will contact you soon with more information on what the mentors can do.

Because the first-year students will register after Thanksgiving break, you might want to plan to hold your advising sessions with them the week before break.  That way the students can check to see what courses are already closed after seniors and juniors have registered and be more realistic in their choices.  This is a difficult registration for first-years, many of whom will come out of registration on the 29th with 2-3 courses rather than four.  You might want to emphasize, in your advising, that spring will be an excellent semester for them to fulfill distributions if they find themselves closed out of courses in potential majors.   A balanced schedule is still important, but so is broadening out to engage the distribution requirement.

Online registration will remain open for first-year students through 5:00 p.m. on Dec. 2, so you might want to meet again with especially frustrated advisees to plan a new strategy. You might also want to remind them of the two-week add period at the beginning of the spring semester.


More information and some handouts, including a “Distribution Worksheet,”  are available on the Academic Advising website.

Do get back to me with any questions or concerns.



Fall 2011 E-mail from Yonna McShane

Dear FYS Faculty,

As we approach Spring Term class registration and a period of academic advising, I write to remind you of some important dates and resources available to assist your first-year students and you during this busy time.

The Mentor assigned to your FYS class is available to provide a workshop to assist your FYS students in learning how to navigate the Banner Web registration process for spring term 2012.

Mentors for Academics and Writing can be of great help to you and your first-year students during this registration process. Mentors have received special training from the Registrar’s Office to assist first-year students in navigating Banner Registration. Consistent feedback from the Registrar’s Office has shown that first-year students who have received instruction from Mentors in the Banner registration process had far fewer problems registering for courses. This has reduced the number of students contacting their FYSE Advisors in crisis and without classes. In addition, it is critically important that you encourage your first-year students to practice registering for courses during the “practice round” which begins on the morning of November 10th and ends at noon on November 15th.  We encourage you to work with your Mentor and set up a mandatory meeting for your students to receive Banner training and a demo practice session. The only time that Banner will be open for this training and practice session will be from the morning of November 10th until noon on November 15th. You may request your Mentor provide the training and practice demo in a workshop outside of class or you may request your mentor to provide the session during your class meeting time.

The Mentor assigned to your FYS class is available to provide “pre-advising” to assist your FYS students.

 In addition, your Mentor is trained to work with your students and provide academic “pre-advising” for them. This “pre-advising” session prepares your students for their academic advising session with you, their faculty advisor. This session is not a substitute for students meeting with their advisors. This “pre-advising” session is to assist students in being prepared to utilize the advising time with their academic advisor well. Please encourage your students to attend the Banner Training and to seek pre-advising from your Mentor.

 If you have any questions, please contact me at ext. 5142 or by email.


Yonna McShane

Director, Learning Resources

Fall 2011