Writing Skill Development

Some students may want to develop fundamental writing skills. These students may elect to take one of our introductory "Writing Workshop" courses (WRPR 0100 or WRPR 0101) either concurrently with the First-Year Seminar or in the second semester. Others may want to refine their skills at a more advanced level. They have the option of taking 200-level Writing Program courses, taught by Writing Program Faculty. All Writing Program courses provide opportunities for extensive work on students' writing both in the classroom and in one-on-one tutorial sessions.

WRPR 0100 Writing Workshop I

This course is for students who would like extra work on critical thinking and analytical writing. All sections of this course will address a variety of writing strategies and technologies, from free writing to online writing. Each section will focus on a particular theme to be determined by the instructor. This course does not fulfill the college writing requirement. (Fall, Spring)

WRPR 0101 Writing Workshop II

All sections of this course will address a variety of writing techniques and communications tools. Each section will focus on a particular theme. This course does not fulfill the college writing requirement. (Spring)

WRPR 0202 English Language in Global Context

This writing-intensive course examines writing as a catalyst for healing after loss or grief. In a workshop focused on student writing, we will analyze the fiction, drama, poetry and creative nonfiction of Arthur Miller, Jane Austen, Frank McCourt, C.S. Lewis, Sharon Olds, William Wordsworth, Christopher Noel, Madeleine Blais, Susan Minot. Reading James W. Pennebaker's Opening Up and Louise DeSalvo's Writing As A Way of Healing will create a theoretical underpinning for our discussions. Assignments for this course will include formal analytical essays, creative work (published online), as well as electronic journals and oral presentations.(Spring)

Additional Writing Program Options

The Writing Program promotes the use of writing both in students' learning and in their ability to communicate. Writing courses focus on critical and creative thinking, conventions of academic discourse, and persuasive argumentation. In addition, professional writing tutors provide one-on-one instruction to students learning to use the methods of inquiry and the specialized forms and styles appropriate to their majors. For an appointment, sign up online orĀ  in CTLR. More information about professional and peer writing tutors is available at the CTLR website.

A quick-reference sheet of writing program options: Current Writing Options