COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Grading Criteria for Midterm Portfolio

Adapted from Donald M. Murray, Learning by Teaching


Is there an abundance of information?
Is it specific? Is it accurate? Is it honest?  
Is it used effectively to develop and document what the writer has to say?


Has the writer found his or her subject?
Has the writer made the subject worth reading about?
Is the writing focused on the subject?
Is the subject limited - developed and completed?
Are the reader's questions answered?
Does the piece have a meaning?


Is the writing ordered?
Are the reader's questions answered when they are asked?
Are the title and opening honest? Engaging?
Do they lead the reader towards the subject?
Is each point documented?
Does the ending work to bring the piece to a satisfying conclusion?


Does the writer have a strong voice?
Is it appropriate, consistent, and effective?
Does the writer get out of the way of the information being delivered?
Does the writer use language honestly?
Is the writer's meaning clear?
Does the writer use the simplest language appropriate to the subject and the audience?
Does the writer break the conventions of usage, mechanics, and spelling only to clarify meaning?